BM Birla Heart Research Centre Exhibits Pediatric Cardiac Care Excellence

Catering to a wide spectrum of cardiac ailments in both adults and children, BM Birla Heart Research Centre has been able to provide quality care and successfully carried out thousands of pediatric cardiac surgeries. BM Birla Heart Research Centre drew together a few pediatric patients who underwent critical heart surgeries and have been fully resuscitated. They talked about their experiences today at the press conference.

Eminent doctors from BM Birla Heart Research Centre have generously contributed to the successful treatment and surgeries, and have been pivotal in giving new lease of life to many, including children. Dr. Manoj Kumar Daga (Cardiac Surgeon), Dr. Subhendu Mandal (Pediatric Surgeon), and Dr. Ratan Kumar Das (Cardiac Surgeon) share their opinion on growing congenital cardiac disease and how their patients are leading a healthy course of life now. Along with them, Dr. Manoj Kumar Daga, Dr. Subhendu Mandal, Dr. Ratan Kumar Das, Dr. Anil Mishra, Dr. Anjan Siotia, Dr. Sabyasachi Pal, Dr. Ashok B Malpani, Dr. Shuvo Dutta, Dr. Tarun Praharaj and their exceptional cardiac team have contributed to the comprehensive cardiac care for all.

Every year more than 2,00,000 children are born in India with a hole in heart. Congenital heart defects refer to a group of disorders which affect the normal working of heart, since birth time. Some of the congenital heart conditions include- holes in heart chambers, defects in major blood vessels, and valve issues. Symptoms like fast heartbeat, rapid breathing, easy fatigue, breathlessness, reduced or complete inability to play, swelling around eyes, legs, belly, indicate congenital heart disease. Timely out-and-out screening is crucial to monitor it, and through the right treatment patients are brought back into fine fettle.

A wide range of congenital birth defects can be diagnosed during a regular check-up in childhood days. Tests such as Echocardiogram, Electrocardiogram, MRI, Chest X-Ray, CT scan, etc reveal congenital heart defects. Although it is treatable, if not treated properly can turn into a life-threatening condition. Over the years, BM Birla Heart Research Centre has been successfully conducting complicated heart surgeries in both adults and children, namely- Arterial Switch operation, Tetralogy of Fallot, Fontane Procedure, ASD transcatheter repair, implantation of VSD device. Using latest methodologies, Arterial Switch Operation can be performed safely and has a great success rate. The well-equipped Pediatric Intensive Care Unit monitors children with congenital cardiac defects and other problems like shock, cold hands and feet, low blood pressure, & low pulse rate. Helmed by a well-trained cardiac team, BMBHRC has carried out a huge number of complex cardiac surgeries and has yield successful clinical outcome.

Speaking on the efficiency of Cardiac team of BMBHRC, Dr. Simmardeep Gill, CEO, CK Birla Hospitals says, ““Over the years, we have seen that age has become just a number for cardiac diseases. BM Birla Heart Research Centre has firmly anchored its roots as a one stop solution for all cardiac problems. With the passage of each year, our vision of reaching the peak of excellent digital technology becomes more vehement, with each unit of our hospital fitted with an up-to-the-minute healthcare framework and a team of expert doctors. The majority of people neglect their cardiac health. I want to urge all of you to go for preventive cardiac check-ups regularly and undergo timely treatment to avoid grave effects in future. We put forth our best to incorporate overall holistic approach in treatment procedure, through the conscious effort of highly efficient medical team who have achieved high number of absolute recoveries.”


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