Anupam Roy’s ‘Putul Aami’, Bengalis’ Love Anthem this Valentine’s Day


Saregama in collaboration with National Award Winning Musician Anupam Roy release their first Bengali song– *Putul Aami* featuring prominent actors Riddhi Sen and Surangana Bandopadhyay.

*Anupam Roy who is one of the most acclaimed musicians of the country becomes the first exclusive non-film partner for Saregama* Saregama with Anupam Roy will be releasing 4 songs of different genres throughout the year.

With the contemporary new love song ‘ Putul Aami’ Anupama Roy talks about a modern love which is not an old school romance. Specially releasing on the occasion of Valentine’s Day it features the popular young couple Riddhi and Surangana. Real life couple *Riddhi Sen* and *Surangana Bandopadhyay* ( post their stint on Open tee Bioscope) will be partnering for the first time as an onscreen romantic couple in the music video.

The love song *Putul Ami*
narrates the story of a man ( Riddhi) who has been friendzoned. He feels that like a puppet on a string constantly moving to the whims and fancies of the woman he desires ( Surangana) .The video shall feature Anupam Roy himself where he is seen crooning to “Chhure Phele De Amae, Kacche Tene ne Aamaye”….Putul Aami” ( Push me away or bring me closer, I’m a puppet in your hands) standing in a room full of mannequins. The parallel story shall feature a female doll maker ( Surangana) who is constantly trying to create the doll of her ideal man, while the guy next door ( Riddhi) who is in love with her is always waiting for her to notice him. Do the couple unite in the end? All questions will be answered this Valentine’s Day!

*Anupam Roy* who is known for his plethora of love songs talks excitedly about this fresh number “Putul Aami is a coming of age love / relationship song where a partner keeps getting hurt. He/she doesnt know about the other person’s position in their life. The strings of control of their life is in someone else’s hand. Almost like a puppet in the whole scheme of things”

Positive about this association and Saregama’s contribution to Bengali Music Industry *Vikram Mehra, MD, Saregama India Limited* said ” “It has been Saregama’s belief that regional music consumption will hold a definitive stronghold over the entire Indian music landscape. We are betting big on regional tunes and stories. Taking a leap in the Bengali music space, we look forward to this long-term association with Anupam Roy, who I believe is one of the greatest present-day Bengali musicians. We hope to create music that passes on for generations to come with Anupam.”

The teaser launch of the love song took place at *Octa Park Street* in the presence of artists *Anupam Roy, Riddhi Sen and Surangana Bandopadhyay* on the 12th February marking the Valentine week.


P.C : Bulan Ghosh


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