Jaalbandi (2022) – Movie | Reviews, Cast & Release Date

Releaseing on : 17th June 2022

After completing his graduation, Anish starts working as an insurance agent in a reputed firm. Due to his poor performance in office, his boss Gouranga da advices him to give an advertisement on the local newspaper. On the very next day, a renowned film producer, Adinath Mullick comes to Anish’s place to make a policy of Rs 10crore. Adinath wants Bharat Seva Ashram as the nominee of his policy. Then in the course of events, he wants to replace his nominee by someone called Chitralekha Sen. In the meantime, Adinath’s son, Amitabha and daughter, Gargi both get greedy and starts running after this money. They both want their names as the nominee and Anish falls into their trap. On the other hand, Gouranga da’s daughter Champakali sets a trap for Anish. She wants to marry Anish in exchange of convincing his dad to make the deal done. In the course of events, Anish meets Riyanka, a famous TV star and coincidentally at that point of time, her husband Bobby takes his own life and Anish falls again into that trap again. On one hand a Rs. ten crore policy, which might change his life forever; on the other hand three women, Gargi, Champakali and Riyanka consumes his life. Moreover, Bobby’s death and Adinath’s car accident make his life more miserable. Anish gets more and more entangled in all these humdrums. Would he ever set free or falls into an unending nadir?

Starring: Prince Prachurya,Paayel Sarkar,Darshana Banik,Pampi Saha,Ranojoy,Kharaj Mukherjee, June Maliah, Dipankar De and others.

Directed by Pijush Saha

Produced by Pijush Saha

Story by: Samaresh Majumdar

Based On : Novel Jaalbandi


Music by Amit Ishan

Cinematography: Gopi Bhagat

Edited by : Pronoy Dasgupta

Production Companies: Prince Entertainment International


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Written by Souvik Saha

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