5 reasons to watch Surongo

5 reasons to watch Surongo
  1. Afran Nisho’s Big Screen Debut: Afran Nisho‘s presence in the film has generated excitement and frenzy among the audience, as it marks his first appearance in a major film project.
  2. Raihan Rafi’s Dream Project: Director Raihan Rafi’s involvement adds an extra layer of excitement to the movie, as audiences are curious to see his vision and execution on the big screen.
  3. Intriguing Story: The movie revolves around an incident related to ‘Surongo,’ and this mysterious premise has led to numerous theories and speculations, ranging from a Prison Break theme to a treasure hunt like ‘Tumbbad.’ The curiosity surrounding the story drives the audience to watch the film and find out what really happens.
  4. Genre Mix: ‘Surongo’ promises to deliver a thrilling and suspenseful story while also incorporating elements of drama, comedy, and crisis. This genre mix adds depth and appeal to the film, catering to a wider audience.
  5. Climactic Excellence: The movie is praised for its well-executed screenplay, which builds up the story effectively before reaching the main plot points. The climax of ‘Surongo’ is particularly lauded, as it delivers a powerful and impactful conclusion that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.


Will “Surongo” be released under the SAFTA agreement?

No, according to director Raihan Rafi, “Surongo” will not be released under the SAFTA (South Asian Free Trade Area) agreement. SVF Entertainment is releasing the Bangladeshi film in West Bengal at their own interest.

Is “Surongo” already a blockbuster in Bangladesh?

Yes, “Surongo” has been termed a blockbuster in Bangladesh, generating significant success and positive reception among the audience.


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