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Asur Movie Review : Outstanding Script With Stellar Performances

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

Starring : Jeet, Abir, Nusrat Jahan.

Story, Screenplay & Direction : Pavel

Music : Bickram Ghosh & Amit mitra

Rating : 3.5 Stars


What’s it about:

The plot of the movie centres around the relationship between three friends — Kigan (Jeet), Bodhi (Abir) and Aditi (Nusrat).
The trio has been friends from their college days. While Kigan and Aditi used to study arts, Bodhi was a student of English literature.

What’s Good: impressive performances ,display of complex emotions in a way everyone can connect.

What’s Bad : A few dull moments in the first half.

Loo break: Interval is the perfect choice for this!

Watch or Not? : A BIG FAT YES!You all should definitely watch this film.


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Star Performence : Jeet expands his acting range with Kigan Mandi. He looks a very different ‘actor’ compared to his previous works and pushes his bar to another level.Undoubtedly, his one of the best performance to date.

The biggest takeaway for me from the film is Bodhi aka Abir Chaterjee. . His performance speaks volumes!– everything well portrayed.

Nusrat Jahan gets the emotionally-connect character and she justifies it on every level. Rajnandini is wasted! She has looked beautiful but she has a very limited screen space.

Other actors like Biplap Chaterjee,Kushal,Biswaroop Biswas also justify the characters.

Direction ,Music:Pavel shines as a director. . There’s a scene which will leave you teary-eyed and is very well directed. Hope he cover up the flaws in his next film as we are all hyped up see him evolve to a good director (Tollywood needs many!)

Bikram Ghosh’s background score goes well with the mood..The cinematography and production design have done their jobs well.

The Last Word : You all should definitely watch this film.The gripping screenplay and the superlative performances by the star cast.

Three and a half stars!



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