Morning Coffee with Breakfast at Roastery Coffee House

Busy mornings often compel us to skip the first meal of the day – breakfast! Often referred to as ‘the most important meal of the day’, the significance of breaking the night long fast in the morning is practically non-negotiable to help regain the essential nutrients to start each day with the best of spirits!

For coffee lovers, a mug of their favourite brew is almost as essential as eating breakfast, and at Roastery Coffee House, located on the premises of the Calcutta South Indian Club, one can pair their drink with the choicest breakfast options available. With breakfast being the most popular time of the day to drink coffee and the irresistible range of breakfast meals offered, Roastery Coffee House is the one-stop destination for your morning coffee and breakfast, in the quaint and quiet ambience of 70B Hindustan Park. Opening sharp at 8am, it’s also theperfect halt for breakfast before going off to work from a café as conveniently located as Roastery Coffee House,” says Nishant Sinha, owner.

When it comes to the breakfast menu, Roastery has a variety of different options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. As a matter of fact, the café has a fair share of vegan-friendly food and drink options as well, with a breakfast meal as nutritious as the Quinoa Breakfast Bowl cooked in almond milk, priced at INR 238 only! Other vegetarian options include a Vegetarian breakfast platter (INR 186) and a Paneer breakfast platter (INR 186). For the ones with the sweet tooth, Roastery serves Bubble waffles topped with chocolate syrup and season fresh fruits at INR 192 only. For people who can’t imagine breakfast without eggs, you can help yourself to the Roastery special Sunnyside up (INR 184). Other breakfast meals with the classic breakfast ingredient egg as the centre of the meal include the good old Indian favourite, masala omlette (INR 166), the Mushroom and cheese omlette platter (INR 196), the scrumptious spread of the chicken sausage omlette platter (INR 206), the Spinach omlette platter (INR 204) and a Mutton keema omlette platter (INR 252). To keep it simple and classic, you can also get yourself boiled eggs with a plate of fresh seasonal fruits of Bengal at INR 136.

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While you can choose any drink of your choice, Roastery makes the task of choosing from a wide and exciting coffee menu simpler for you, by suggesting a few coffee beverages that best complement the breakfast menu. These suggested drinks include espresso, hot milk coffee, cold-brew, cold coffee and pour-over.

Drop in for a wonderful Breakfast experience at Roastery Coffee House, open all days from 8am to 11pm!

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