Ghawre Bairey Aaj Movie Review

Director: Aparna Sen Star

Cast: Jisshu U Sengupta, Anirban Bhattacharya, Tuhina Das

Music and Background Score: Neel Dutt


Story : The eternal story of friendship and clashes of ideas of Nikhilesh Choudhury (Anirban Bhattacharya) and Sandip Jha (Jisshu U Sengupta) gets a modern twist with Brinda, aka Bimala (Tuhina Das), and realpolitik.

Brinda’s (aka Bimala, played by Tuhina Das) love — first for her husband, Nikhilesh, and later, for her lover, Sandip. The film starts with Brinda. A Dalit orphan from Jharia and the granddaughter of young Nikhilesh’s nanny, Bimala gets a home under the wings of Nikhilesh’s mother, played by Aloknanda Dutt. Soon, Bimala was poignantly rechristened to Brinda to induct in the mainstream society. Years later, Sandip jokes if they have ‘Brahmanised the Dalit girl’ to which Nikhilesh has no answer.

Today, Brinda is well-educated, independent and a house-proud woman, who works from their beautiful home at posh Maharani Bagh. In that crisis moment, when her grandmother questions the necessity of her education as she would not get a groom, Nikhilesh, an Oxford-educated editor of a politically liberal magazine, decides to marry her. Their love blooms after marriage and dedicatedly so. Then enters Sandip, a professor and Nikhilesh’s best friend. Charismatic and a brilliant orator, Sandip sweeps Brinda off her feet.


Rating : 3 Stars


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