Password (2019) Bengali Movie Review : it’s a must watch for this festive season

                                                                            Password is based on the cyber crime world.

                                                                                            Rating :  3.5 Stars

Reviewed By :Souvik Saha

Direction – Kamaleswar Mukherjee

Starcast : Dev,Parambrata ,Rukmini, Paoli Dam , Adrit

What’s Good: powerhouse performances leave you impressed.

What’s Bad: A little too dramatic at times.

Verdict: Password works for all age groups, for men and women, for cities and towns.

Watch or Not?: Absolutely. Without any second thought, it’s a must watch this Festive season

What it’s about: A conscientious police officer trying to track down a criminal who is hell bent on hacking into vital information and destroying human lives, finds himself in a web of violence, deceit and double crossing, as well as shades of pathos in the life of criminals. To destroy this web of cyber crime, he forms a team with ethical hackers. Will he be able to stop them before it’s too late ? Will he be finally able to get these villains into justice ?You have to watch the film for that…

Script Analysis:

The story is penned by Rana Mukherjee and this man had the toughest job to do. To write a story based on real events is not always easy because of the amount of research work goes behind it.

Movie Review: Star Performance, Direction, Music :

The film benefits big time from a top-notch performance from Dev , His physique and dialogue delivery as the as DCP Rohit Dasgupta makes you root for him.and this will be one of the most memorable films in the actor’s career.

Rukmini Maitra does a much better job than what I expected her to do.
Parambrata lights up the screen with his charismatic presence.With his cool attitude and swag mannerisms, the actor takes the film to a different level.
Paoli Dam leaves a mark as well. .
Adrit Roy is a real talent and makes the viewer empathize.

Rest of the actors helps the film move forward.This is a perfect entertainer and good for watching with your family on a get together or festive occasions. Kamaleshwar Mukherjee’s last directorial Mukhomukhi might have failed to leave an impact but with his latest one, Password, he does not give a chance to complain.

The music is good overall. background score is appropriate..Editing, by Rabiranjan Maitra., is sharp..Avik Mukherjee deserves mention for good cinematography.

The Last Word :Password is a solid commercial cybercrime thriller. Go for it!


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