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Parineeta Bengali Movie Review : Subhasree Ganguly delivers the best performance of his career

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and a half stars)

Star Cast:Subhasree Ganguly,Ritwick Chakraborty,Adrit Roy,Gaurav Chakraborty

Director:Raj Chakraborty

What’s Good: Subhasree Ganguly delivers the best performance of his career,

Loo Break: You might need one in 2nd half because that’s where things start to dip a bit..

Watch or Not?: Open YouTube, go through its songs and promos, if you still have second opinions about watching it then skip it!

Story: For Class XII Higher Secondary-aspirant, Mehul Bose (Subhashree Ganguly), life revolves around her neighbour, Babaida (Ritwick Chakraborty). But soon her sweet dreams surrounding him come crashing down. Is it the story of a jilted lover? Or are there further jolts on the way?

Star Performance,Direction & Music:

Mehul is not about the maturity, it’s about the innocence; hence Parineeta was impossible without Subhasree.Parineeta will take her to a different level.If you’ve someone like Ritwick Chakraborty to the credit list, you don’t really require many actors to balance the acting department.

Adrit,Gaurav and Debutant Falaque plays a very important part and each character does their part well.

Raj Chakraborty experiments with the film & it works well for everyone.ArkoPravo’s songs are a treat! Every single one of them works very well & not seem forced.But Tomake  sounds beautiful in the movie hall.

The Last Word : You all should definitely watch this film.

Three and a half stars!


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