Culture and Couture at High Street Market Via Moda 2019

Lopamudra Mandal, former Miss Kolkata and Mrs India IAB 2018 First Runner Up,
curated yet another spectacular exhibition, the first Highstreet Market Via Moda of 2019 fusing fashion,
art, lifestyle and entertainment, all under one roof on Tuesday, June 18th at JW Marriott in Kolkata. The
event featured 50 exhibitors and designers from all over the country displaying jewellery, skincare
products, accessories, handbags, purses and more. Different designers across the nation had set up their
stalls exhibiting sarees, dresses, ethnic wear for both men and women and even childrens wear. Tarot
card readers were present, along with other counters including gastronomy, active food counters,
bakery stalls, live bar and a lot more.

Apart from this, the event also held multiple contests, acknowledging the visitors with different titles,
ranging from best dressed woman to the best skin and hair, to the most stylish Plus-size lady, all of
whom were awarded by the eminent judges and personalities present in the event. Neither did the
event shy away from including men in these different contests and saw awards titled the most stylish
gentleman or the best dressed gentleman of the evening, as well. Awards were also given to the best
exhibitors and best fashion display, and amongst the judges were some of the most well-known faces
like Tanveer Khan, Payal Varma, Anita Dutta and others.

img 20190618 1357582130779425 Culture and Couture at High Street Market Via Moda 2019

Highstreet Market Via Moda, also had its heart in the right place with Lopamudra pledging to work
towards doing her bit for a better world, ultimately addressing greater social concerns, in the long run.
The exhibition featured a stall put up by an NGO, displaying a number of products made by
underprivileged women, the sale of which would directly benefit the former.
Talking about Highstreet Market Via Moda, and her involvement in the social cause, Lopamudra said,
“After winning the crown of Mrs India IAB 2018 First Runner Up, it fell within my responsibility to
support social causes and I am eternally grateful to all my patrons who have consistently been
supporting my endeavours. But today it gives me immense pleasure to proudly say that I am in a
position to involve more and more people and spread the cause of a better world, as I put in my humble
efforts to make a difference in the lives of the many underprivileged women and children of the city.
That is my biggest satisfaction.”

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