Live Unplugged Concert by Lopamudra Mitra and Different Soul Mates

For the first time ever eminent singer Lopamudra Mitra collaborated with three
musicians from three different genres for a mesmerizing unplugged performance straight from the heart
on May 4 at ICCR. Presented by Protha and rightly calling it “Lopamudra Mitra and Different Soul
Mates”, the brainchild of Lopamudra culminated into a musical extravaganza where artists expressed
their souls through their music revealing layers of a different Lopamudra with different thought.
The concert was attended by well known artists like Joy Sarkar, Tanmay Bose, Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee
among many others.

The three different musicians from different genre are Chayan Chakrobarty who started his career as a
percussionist and is a successful composer and lead guitarist of Fakira famous for experimental folk
music. Chayan has a versatility of playing several stroke instruments. Soumyajyoti Ghosh is a renowned
wind instruments player. Soumya is the student of none other than the great Pandit Ronu Majumder.
Soumya is known in Indian classical music scene and has been associated with Bengali film industry for
the last 15 years. Percussionist Somnath Roy is a name around the globe who had accompanied for
Grammy nominated album “Om Namah Narayana” in 2010. Somnath is the only Bengali ghatam player
around the world as well. Somnath has been already connected with Lopamudra since 2000.

Lopamudra said, “Different Soul Mates is establishing a unique concept of experimental and traditional
bridge of music, which music lovers have never heard before. We definitely presented our own original
music along with baul and Rabindrasangeet. The idea is to go with the flow and improvise and. Theirs is
a lot more to come.”

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