Tui Amar Rani


Story revolves in a small town area where Raja has done LLB and also involved in Social Work and bit nosy in Shivram’s matter who is highly reputated person in the town. Their tussle happens due generation gap. Shivram’s little daughter Misty’s marriage was obstructed by Raja because she was under eighteen, Shivram is in search of the person who obstructed the marriage.Raja, who falls in love with every second girl whether she is a school teacher or a school student. Suddenly, he falls in love with Misty in a function. Will Raja be able to win the heart of Misty, Shivram will be able to know about their love story. What happens next, will shivram kill them or they will run away from the town. The story has many funny, sweet and sour moments as it continues.



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