Tui Amar Rani Movie Review

Tui Amar Rani Movie Review : It’s Entertaining!

Pijush Saha is back with yet another commercial entertainer in the form of Tui Amar Rani. Staring Surya Rubel And Misty in lead. After a round of huge promotions and publicity, this film has hit the screens today. Let’ see how it is.

Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Staring : Surya,Misty Zannat,Rajesh Sharma,Lama Halder,Supriyo Dutta,Abu Hena Rani,Sajal ,Anish Sharma

Producer & Director : Pijush Saha

Music : Indra

Story :In the film opens on a serious note. Rajesh Sharma is arrested when he admits that he shot down his daughter when she tried to elope with the man she loved. There’s obviously a back story, even if it’s a silly one, to give a motive for the honour killing.

What’s Good:very smartly penned hilarious dialogue.First half of the film is quite entertaining. It has the perfect blend commercial elements like songs, dances and fights. The story is nicely set up here and flows freely.

What’s Bad:Some Second Half scene

Movie Review: Star Performance :Surya performance that takes center stage. He gives in a settled performance and does not go overboard unlike his previous films. His over the top antics are ideal for the loud character and he shows various shades through the film.

Misty debuts in Tollywood with the film and she looks good.

A special mention goes to Lama Halder who plays the ageing bachelor whose luck runs out on the wedding mandap so often.Watch Tui Amar Rani if all you want is some silly fun.

Rajesh Sharma’s role e plays the part of a serious father who wants his daughter to be happy really well. One could say that he is getting repetitive with his look, and it is high time for him to try something new.Supriyo Dutta is very good .Abu Hena Roni, Sajal & debutant Anish Sharma  put in fair performances.

Movie Review: Direction, Music : Pijush Saha has made a beautiful film and this movie will hugely depend on the word of mouth.

Music of the film is good, and all the songs have been shot quite well. Production values are excellent, and showcase the village nativity well.

The Last Word :All said and done, Tui Amar Rani is informatively entertaining . All the talk of daughters being no less than sons and the importance of parents understanding their children happens at the end.


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