The Bengali Calendar- “UTTORON” launch

The joint endeavour of Shidhika Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and ASM films and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. presented “UTTORON”- A Bengali Calendar and launched it on the auspicious day of 28th April at the Press Club where the whole crew celebrated their hard work which proved to be successful after the accomplishment of the event.WhatsApp Image 2019 04 29 at 2.15.36 PM The Bengali Calendar- “UTTORON” launch
Among all the members who tremendously worked hard to launch this calendar , the person whose work is noteworthy is the mentor, the talent promoter and the ace fashion photographer Devajit Chakraborty. Before the showcasing of the calendar, a brief introduction about the various members including the models who gave their valuable time to shoot for this calendar was disseminated. The event witnessed the Guest of Honor who was none other than Sri Tathagata Ghosh, a very famous and well known fashion photographer who glorified the event with his perspective and views regarding the bengali calendar . He stated ” It’s really good to see a Bengali Calendar being showcased and the level of hard work of all the members can be seen by keenly observing the beautiful presentation of the calendar, highlighting the typical traditional culture of the Bangalis.” The event too witnessed the models, among them were WhatsApp Image 2019 04 29 at 2.16.38 PM The Bengali Calendar- “UTTORON” launchEeren Adhikari who has come from the south film industry to try her luck at the Tollywood industry. Riya Roy, widely renowned actress and model too accompanied other models like Rajiv Sharma, Rai Chatterjee, Sushmita Sutradhar and others and has helped in making the calendar look beautiful with their extravagant charm.
The total number of models who were portrayed in this calendar was 13, among which everyone saw a unique blend of 7 new faces and 6 renowned faces which gave a direct opportunity to the unknown faces to showcase their talent and make their own identity in this glamourous fashion industry. Each one of the members disseminated their perspectives and also their excitement regarding their launch of the calendar which stays as a huge milestone in their career.
In short, the event was a huge success which can be cherished by each one of the members and remains a huge inspiration to everyone to always take our Bengali culture ahead and make more Bengali Calendars and share it with every one of us.

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