Heart & Soul Ms & Mrs India 2019, Kolkata Edition

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Sonali’s Cubo presents Heart & Soul Ms & Mrs India 2019, Kolkata Edition curated by Ms. Vayjayanti
Pugalia at Myx, on 6th April, 2019, 3 pm onwards. The whole of Kolkata will join and cheer for the 2-day
event which celebrates inner beauty that goes beyond weight, height and plastic requirements. As
women from different walks of lives showcase their glamour to the world by setting the ramp on fire,
they demonstrate the power of self love kyunki #MainApniFavouriteHoon.
The event will be graced and judged by eminent personalities of Kolkata like educationist and indologist
Rupa Chakravarti who will be coaching and mentoring the participants, talented RJ, RJ Ishani, PR guru
Rita Bhimani, choreographer and performing artist Sandeepta Das, CEO, Rush Fitness Clubs, Ritu
Agarwal and entrepreneur Esha Dutt. The event will also be graced by different dignitaries like Saheb
Bhattacharya, and Susan Mantosh.

Vayjayanti Pugalia and Dr. Shipli Malhotra Workshop Heart & Soul  Ms & Mrs India 2019, Kolkata Edition

Before the fashion show, grooming workshops will be organized by Vayjayanti Pugalia, Ritusmita Biswas,
Founder of DigitalBrandz on honing your communication skills on both online and offline mediums,
Vayjayanti Pugalia, Founder of Sonali’s Cubo will be speaking about personal branding, stylish blogger
Srishti Nadhani will talk about smartly upscaling your wardrobe and Dr. Shilpi Malhotra, Rush Fitness
and Ishrat’s Hair, Skin & Makeup Studio will be taking sessions on how you can groom yourself better.
All these workshops will be part of Me.Inc, a workshop which celebrates and amplifies your needs
towards self-love and will be held at Salt House on 5th April from 4-6 pm.
On 5th April, there will be a photo corner by landscape experts and interior designers The Finishing
Touch. Ishrat’s Hair & Skin Studio is the makeover partner for the main event, while Nilotpala, Mada
Sasa and Sasya are the fashion partners for the main event on 6th April, 2019. Elegance and Surabhi
Agarwal are the gifting partners of this amazing event.

The winners of the Heart & Soul Ms & Mrs India 2019, Kolkata Edition – Ivy Ghoshal – Mrs Vivacious,
Srishti Nadhani – Ms Trendsetter, Lisha Jain – Ms Stylish, Tvisha Agarwal – Miss Teen, Rachna Mohta – Mrs
Spectacular, Anuradha Kapoor – Mrs Glamour.

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