Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019

INIFD,Lindsay Street was held its annual graduating showIMG 20190216 WA0082 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019“Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019” at Swabhumi,Kolkata.IMG 20190216 WA0081 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019This is one of the major event of this Institute where the graduating students showcase their collections.IMG 20190216 WA0083 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019These collections were totally done by the students.In ‘Tomorrow Makers 2018-19″IMG 20190216 WA0084 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019showcased the creative collections of INIFD’s final year Fashion and Textile students.IMG 20190216 WA0087 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019This fashion show serves as a platform upon which the students can display their creative talents and voice through design,opinions and attitudes.IMG 20190216 WA0085 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019This year the students showcased 23 collections.IMG 20190216 WA0088 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019The Jury members for the show were Ayushman Mitra,Tejas Gandhi,Chikky Goenka,Sauresini Mitra,Ishaa Saha,Lipika Mehera.IMG 20190216 WA0086 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019The coreographer for the show was Tina Mukherjee.IMG 20190216 WA0090 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019
The International Institute of Fashion Design(INIFD) has been a reputed designing Institute for over a decadeIMG 20190216 WA0099 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019and throughout those years INIFD has gone strength to strength by striving to transform its gifted students,IMG 20190216 WA0100 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019IMG 20190216 WA0104 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019IMG 20190216 WA0105 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019IMG 20190216 WA0107 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019IMG 20190216 WA0106 Tomorrow Makers 2018-2019with a fair for the arts,into quality designers who are empowerd with the ability and skill to see their creativity come alive through hard work and talent.

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