Prem Amar 2 Movie Review : Disappoints Big Time.

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

Rating : 1.5 Star


Director : Bidula Bhattacharjee

Music : Savvy

What’s Good: Empty theatre, popcorn in the interval, the feeling when you see the movie getting finished.

Loo Break: Not a single! Because if you’re in a theatre for a movie like this, your life must be a loo outside. Have fun!

Watch or Not?: I watched it so you can not! Just go through the review and decide if you want to ask this question again!

Story :

Prem Amar 2 is the love story of two young souls Apurba (Pujja Cherry Roy) and Joy (Adrit Roy) who meet each other in college and fall in love. Incidentally, they turn out to be neighbours as well. Thus, begins an innocent love story that grows inside the college and blooms in the terrace.

However, while Apurba’s family is hard to deal with, Joy has to face the atrocities of his stepmother. Due to their family issues, the couple gets separated and Apurba’s family is all set to get her married to another individual. Will Joy be able to stop his lady love from getting married to someone else ? Will fate re-unite the two lovers?

Movie Review: Star Performance :

Adrit Roy pulls off an average performance. The lack of expressions on his face is noticeable.
Puja Cherry Roy can’t act! She might be good down bangladesh but at-least in this film she is bad. She looks beautiful but when it comes to acting, her expressions fades her beauty.Sourav does a fair job. Nothing memorable from the rest of the supporting cast.

Movie Review: Direction, Music

Bidula Bhattacharjee’s direction is all the synonyms of bad! The story is so bad that even Savvy disappoints!

The Last Word :

All said and done, there are films which are bad but qualify for the trashy category because it’s a big fat bore. It’s a golden opportunity lost!

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