Media Interaction session with the cast of The Hacker.

Directed by debutant duo Siddharth Sen and Subrato Mondal, the thriller ‘The Hacker’ sees an undercover RAW agent on the hunt for a serial killer with the help of a young hacker. Ena Saha and Aryann Bhowmik play the lead in this film.




Kabir Ali is an undercover RAW agent disguised as a medical representative. He is assigned to solve the murder of seven people under mysterious circumstances. He comes across some hackers and in the process comes across Remo from Kalimpong. Remo was booked by police for hacking into a bank account and stealing money along with his friends Tanmay Sen and Dorjee Tamang. Ali sends Koushik to bring Remo but he rejects the offer. His love interest Ritagni motivates him to help the police and use this chance to restore the lost pride and honour of his father. Will Remo help Ali to catch the real culprit?




‘The Hacker’ will release  on 1st march


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