This is purely a brand promotional event where Paoli Dam & Abir Chatterjee visited this store and did a press meet for the movie Tritiya Adhyay as well as brand promotion of Frank Ross Pharmacy.

Michigan’s romantic thriller has been mostly shot in Deoghar, made famous by yesteryear Bengali writers who used it in their stories as a place to visit if one is ill.

Deoghar still has a strong connection with Bengal. Many of the old dilapidated houses, where people would reside on a temporary basis, still exist. So do the old sweet shops.

According to the director, the place plays an important role in the film. The two protagonists Kaushik (Chatterjee) and Shreya (Dam) are childhood lovers who lose contact with each other.

Manoj Michigan released the poster of his upcoming film Tritiyo Adhyay, starring Abir Chatterjee and Paoli Dam.

Chatterjee and Dam, will be seen together on the big screen after five years since their last film Bedroom (2012), directed by Mainak Bhaumik.




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