Baccha Shoshur Movie Review : Its Entertaining

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha

Rating : 3.5 Star

Star Cast: Jeet,Koushani,Chiranjit ,Aman

Story, Screenplay & Dialogues : Pavel

Director: Biswaroop Biswas

Story :

Baccha Shoshur deals with Spandan , a helpless father whose happy married life with wife Jonaki and their only son Gutlu , is about to shatter when their 3 year old son starts talking in Spandan’s father in law’s voice. This apparently comical incident leads him to the verge of frenzy since nobody else experiences the same. Things become topsy turvy and rest of the story unveils the mystery that has changed everyone’s . And here the story takes a new turn.

What’s Good: If you’ll watch ‘entertainment as entertainment’ you’ll find the following things good – Jeet and chiranjeet amazing presence, very smartly penned hilarious dialogues .

Loo Break: Not even once! There are some many compelling sequences that if you take a break

Watch or Not?: – JUST WATCH THIS!

Movie Review: Star Performance ;

Jeet as Spandan is definitely one of the best performances of the year.,Koushani does a good job ,her charm goes against it making her look adorable.Chiranjit chakraborty as father in law is the biggest takeaway for me from this film. he has got some hilarious dialogues to mouth and the way she delivers them levels up the fun. Ambarish is good in his limited screen space .Biswaroop Biswas as Jeet’s friendis good in his screen space. .

Aman Mehra little treasure of the film. He plays Jeet son.totally deserve a special mention.

Movie Review: Direction, Music,Story ;

Biswaroop Biswas shines as a director.There’s a scene which will leave you teary-eyed and is very well directed. Hope he cover up the flaws in his next film as we are all hyped up see him evolve to a good director (tollywood needs many!)

There are hilarious bits in between that makes this a fun time watch. Pavel’s writing is a clear winner and the way dialogues are performed amass many laughs.

Various composers come together to create 5 tracks for the film.background score is quirky but fails because of poor narration.

The Last Word :

All said and done, Baccha Shoshur is a family entertainer.Watch this watching how much you laugh while watching the film.


BACCHA SHOSHUR Movie Trailer :


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