Hoichoi Unlimited Review : It’s a clean family entertainer

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha


Star Cast: Dev,Saswata Chatterjee,Kharaj Mukherjee,Rajatava Dutta,Koushani Mukherjee,Puja Banerjee,Roja Paromita Dey,Arna Mukhopadhyay.

Director: Aniket Chattopadhyay

Story :The story revolves around four men, all of them are tired of their personal lives. They plan an escapade to Uzbekistan to bring back the fun in their lives.But the guys decide to not tell their respective wives about the plan. Their wives begin to speculate about it. A roller coaster ride of mistaken identity, unlimited entertainment, international mafia, and a plane hijack makes this a gripping story.

What’s Good: Enjoyable watch.

Loo break: Not needed because there are funny moments to hold you back


Watch or Not?: It’s a clean family entertainer with some funny moments throughout, if that’s what you’re looking for this week, you can go ahead.

Movie Review: Star Performance : Dev delivers a sweet & innocent performance.Watch the film for Dev if not for anything else!

Koushani looks & acts beautiful. She shares a good chemistry with Dev.

Puja is a charmer! She enacts her role so well.

The veterans in Saswata Chaterjee & Kharaj Mukherjee surely compile as the biggest surprise package of the film. They both are on roll throughout the film and deservingly get the best comical punches.Arna deservingly gets some of the best dialogues and he delivers the same with proper touch of madness.Rajatava Dutta is excellent.

Roja Paromita Dey,Koneenica Banerjee,Manasi Sinha play their roles as directed without leaving any huge mark.


Movie Review: Direction, Music : Aniket Chaterjee has always tried experimenting with the script and it works most of the time.It’s not at all easy to manage so many characters in a single scene but Aniket has now mastered it.
Savvy”s songs are a treat! Every single one of them works very well & not seem forced.


Movie Review: The Last Word : Go for it! It’s Durga Puja and some laughs here and there has never harmed anybody.

Three and a half stars!


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  1. Arna Da Ami sayajit-r dada Suman bol6i. Tumi valo a6o. Tomar pujor onek onek suve6a and pujo kuv injoy Koro ar hoichoi o Koro bugle by see you.

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