18 Years Journey Of Pijush Saha: A look back at his journey so far

When Prosenjit Chattopadhyay’s first film, ‘Duti Pata’ was released, he was a school boy. He was so fond of Mithun Chakraborty that he had eaten a police sticks in a rush to see his eyes. On that day the boy promised that he would become close to the person.god had heard that day. Though he could hear the cinematic narrative, he really had every dream of it. In the succeeding period, the boy became the most popular filmmaker of Bengal.
he is our favorite Pijush Saha. Recently this man completed 18 years as a filmmaker.

Pijush Saha have given many gifts to Bangla film in this long 18 years. Let’s go back a little bit.

In Tulkalam,made his protagonist, Toofan, played by Mithun is based on land scam in West Bengal. It is an all-time record blockbuster hit movie in the Bengali film industry.

He pulled Tollywood’s popular Hero Ankush from Bardhaman’s Huffhal and gave him a glimpse of the hero of the film ‘Kellafate’ by grinding him with a break.

There is a saying that child artist can not become heroes later. The same incident happened in the case of Soham. Soon, when Soham jumped at the door, nobody responded to his call. The person who first thought about him, he was Pijush Saha.He dared to bring him as a solo hero on the big screen and without anybody’s ears he started to raise him too. Built with his own written story on the reality show ‘Bazimat’


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The Film also got settled. After this, there was no need to look back to Soham. The film also debut for subhasree as a lead heroine.

A time of superstar Jeet was a bad time for many years. Then he came back with the pair of jeet – koel in ‘Neel aksher chadni’ .

When someone was not thinking about the kids film, he made the kids film ‘Raju Uncle’. The film starring Prasenjit Chatterjee, impressed everyone. Ashok Raj’s debut came as a composer by this film

Ranjit Mallick, along with Prosenjit, in the film ‘Garkarkal’, he also kept Jisshu sengupta. He used to act a serial called ‘ek number mess bari’ at that time.The man who gave Surya (Rubel Das) and Ronojoy Bishnu to the Tollywood industry.Pijush Saha’s New Venture Tui Amar Rani Relesing Soon Also Followed By Hari Ghosher Gowal And BhootDarshan With The Gangs Of New Comer.

There is a lot of controversy about him, but this man never stopped.He has always fought for the improvement of Bengali industry. He has been tried in many ways. But no one could stop him in any way. We are proud of him as a Bengali filmmaker.


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