Upcoming Bengali Movies Beggars are not Losers

Beggars are not losers movie premiere at official date West Bengal and Bangladesh are announced by Tollywood actor Aviral Sachdeb. Aviral Sachdeb himself spent a lot of time with Sayak Dutta and photographer Subhratanu Saha. Response to the news channel and at social media sites is already huge. Aviral Sachdeb said, Sahel Saha is my younger brother. Me and Ctn TV always with him. Not only that, Aviral Sachdeb and Sahel Saha’s relationship has been a long time ago. Sahel Saha has already won best actor award from International United Educationists Fraternity

Indian Politician and West Bengal Minister Sree Madan Mitra sir is giving live interview for Beggars are not Losers movie on 11th October at 3pm. and felicitate both of them, Sahel Saha and Sayak Dutta.

Not only that Khardah municipality chairman and Tmc councilor Sree Taposh Paul sir has been there. Also police mohol and some other members will be there.

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It must be said that actor Sahel Saha has done everything immensely. We all know Madan Mitra is a very good man. He has given time thousands of busyness, this is the biggest thing for Sahel Saha.

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