“BUJHINI EMON HOBE”, The Upcoming Bengali Movie Portrays The Struggle To Find Our Own Self In This Long Lost World.

The relationship between every individual in today’s world is very artificial where we care most about our self-happiness. This, as a result, has created an impact even on the connection between the cities and villages. The industrialization and development in the cities, the macadamized roads, and tall buildings have engulfed us in such a way that we longer prefer to keep a connection with our celebrated heritage and culture. The petrichor, the lush greens, the nostalgic village roads havelost their essence amongst the cityscape.
“BUJHINI EMON HOBE”, the upcoming Bengali movie portrays the struggle to find our own self in this long lost world. This movie focuses on the part of successfully building a lively bond with the help of immortal things and creates a charismatic reforming effect of carrying the purity and simplicity of human hearts from lush green fields to the impurity of life in the modernized city world. The hero of this movie, Rahul (Rahul Singh), who hails from the village fights and at last succeeds to find sacredness in the life of the city. On the other hand, the journey of the heroine, Shreya (Piu Goswami), is quite different as she is in a desperate search for the path of truth in between all fakeness and lies. Last but not the least; the movie is a complete amalgamation of all relationships, where both new and old relationships succeedin finding a new ray of hope and truth.
Supporting major characters have been played by Sabyasachi Chakrabarty, Rajnandini Paramanik, Prithiraj, Rupa, Kharaj Mukherjee, Samir Kumar Shah, Soumya Bose, Meghna Halder, Sumit Samaddar, Atanu Barman, Krishna Singh, Swagatam Majumdar, and Prashanta Sarkar.
The extremely talented director Chinmay Das has filled this piece of art with his masterstrokes which are rarest of rare. Though this is his first Bengali feature film, we are already acquainted with his splendid performance in Jodi Breakers, Kartik Calling Kartik, Bioscopewala, Bose- Dead or Alive and many more. He has already marked his success with theatre direction, short films, and documentaries. His direction and mentorship in Zee Cinester Ki Khoj (2014) is praiseworthy.
The plot of the movie is centrally woven around the horizon of relationship, trust, love, and passion which will have extensive influence in the minds of the audience.
The movie is produced by Gopal Krishna Saha, under the banner of Ultrashine Entertainment. Edited by- Charitra Gupt Raj. Director of photography- Linkon Dey. Art Director- Abhi Nayek & Gautam Ghosh.
Music is being composed by very talented Nibir. The other important playback singers are Kumar Sanu, Jubin Nautiyal, June Banerjee, Akassh Sen, Mh. Rizvi, Jeet Sarkar.

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