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Movie Review: Sultan The Saviour

Reviewed By : Souvik Saha


Rating : 3.5/5 Stars (Three and half stars)


Director: Raja Chanda

Starring : Jeet,Priyanka ,Mim and Others.

Music : Savvy & Suddho Roy

What it’s about:

Sultan is yet another template mass masala film with few well etched out action sequences. . Raja comes to Calcutta with his sister to give her admission into a art institute. He leads a simple life and is a pleasant company to many. But there is untold dark side to him, not known to others.Why does Raja hide his identity?
Watch it out on the big screen..

What’s Good: Sultan is a complete package of action, emotion and drama. A wholesome entertainer of sorts!


What’s Bad: No logic in some sequences


Watch or Not?: Go for it and get surprised


Star Performance ,Direction, Music :

Jeet is the ultimate show stopper. His balanced performance as a loving brother and as an action king stand out., Priyanka Sarkar delivers one of her best performance so far. There is one scene where she completely nailed it. You have to see it to understand true acting value, Mim’s screen space is limited, she has performed her role welly.
Mukul Dev is the main villain and he matches Jeet in screen presence and impact.
The emotional bond between Jeet and Priyanka is the main highlight of the film.

Raja Chanda’s direction is good as he manages to make narrative fast-paced and interesting for the most part.The background score is superb which lifts many scenes.

The Last Word :

Sultan is a masala action thriller with loads of entertainment. It is a perfect delight for masses. The film will connect to audience despite having some flaws. Especially it will appeal to Jeet fans big time. Go for it and get surprised.


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