Debut Novel “Grace” by Supreeta Singh Explores Relationships through Five Intriguing Love Stories

Supreeta Singh believes that one often experiences love but is not always able to comprehend it. In her debut book, “Grace” (published by Partridge India), the author pens a compelling story that attempts to answer the question, “What is love?” The book, presented by Mohey-Manyavar and supported by Faces, was launched by renowned actress Parno Mittra, actor Shataf Fiqar, filmmaker Satrajit Sen and interdisciplinary artist Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee on Tuesday June 19 at The Astor Hotel.


“Grace” is a fictionalized romantic novella narrated in the form of an overnight conversation between the two lead characters, Kavita and Rana, who meet by chance in Pune. Kavita shares four of her romantic relationship sagas, which has taken her through heartbreaks, disillusionment and bitterness in the pursuit of finding “the one.” While recounting her bittersweet memories, Kavita finds a friend in Rana who is already enchanted by her. Through their conversations, each discovers and unravels their feelings. But will that lead to another love story?



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“This novel is about forgiveness, acceptance and freedom in one’s journey through love. Written in the form of four short stories plus one main love story binding it all together, “Grace” intends to evoke feelings of warmth, love and longing to the readers. It touches on the themes of affection, friendship, heartbreak, loss and self-discovery that men and women are facing today,” says Supreeta, who is an independent publicist and runs her own PR agency. A former journalist and hotelier, she is already working on her second novel, “Bani”.


“What I liked about “Grace” is that the book deals with complicated themes but does not intend to teach anyone about love. I finished the book at one go and I wish Supreeta all the best for her future as a writer,” said Parno Mittra.


Sujoy Prosad Chatterjee, who read from the book said, “It reads like a movie and everyone can relate to the stories. To balance a job and write a book is not an easy task and I am so happy for Supreeta that she published her first book. I am looking forward to more from her.”


“An easy narrative, “Grace” is a great debut novel and it has a feel-good factor about it which I loved. I wish Supreeta all the success,” said Satrajit Sen.


Shataf Fiqar said, “Many readers would relate to the book as the theme of “Grace” is so universal.”


The launch of “Grace” was supported by Dream Show Experience, Go Futurenet, Soumi’s Can Product, Midas Cure, Chef Sunshine, S News, Radio One, Shadow Lines and Corporate Communication and Allied Services.

“Grace” is available on Amazon, Flipkart, Barnes & Noble and also at


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