5 reasons why you should NOT miss Sultan The Saviour

One of the most expected Bengali releases of this year, Sultan, will hit the screens on Friday. lists out five reasons why you should watch Sultan on the big screen and why the film is all set to be a super hit.


Jeet is back to what he is best known for, ‘mass action family entertainer’. The trailer and teaser of Sultan have already given us a glimpse that the film has plenty of mass commercial moments to enthrall the loyal fans of the star.

Priyanka and Mim

The film has two lovely ladies—Priyanka and Mim ,Interestingly none of them have worked with Jeet before.. Also, the film’s director Raja Chanda has said that both the heroines have equal scope and they are very important in the screenplay flow.

Emotional Quotient

As much as it’s an action flick, Sultan is solidly packed with emotional content. According to director , the portion between Jeet and his sister will be fun and equally emotional. The bond Jeet shares with Priyanka is said to be one of the highlights of the film.

Jeet – Raja Chanda Combination

You may agree to disagree, but Raja Chanda is an intelligent director. He’s intelligent in the sense that he knows the pulse of the audience. Not to mention that most of his films have been profitable at the box office.
Following the commercial sucess of Bachchan and Besh Koreci Prem korechi, Jeet is once again working with Raja for Sultan.
it’d only be interesting to see if Sultan lives up to its hype.

Family Audiences

Make no mistake, Sultan will pull in family audiences . Also, the film showcases a beautiful Brother -Sister relationship, which will be liked by family audiences.

So now that we have given you reasons to catch the actioner, do NOT miss it. Also, stay tuned for our review.


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