‘Shaheb Bibi Golaam’ makes a comeback as a Srutinatok

Actors Arindam Basu and Shankar Chakraborty ‘Shaheb Bibi Golaam’ makes a comeback as a Srutinatok
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Kolkata: Bengali literary organisation ‘Abhibyakti’ founded by Ranjana Bhanja; active in
the audio drama scene since 1986, performed the audio drama (srutinatok) adaptation of
Bimal Mitra’s classic novel “Shaheb Bibi Golaam”, today.
The key performers of the play were Shankar Chakraborty, Alok Roy Ghotok, Ranjana
Bhanja, Satinath Mukhopadhyay, Debashish Basu, Sankar Roychowdhury, Soumitro
Basu, Kajal Sur, Arindam Basu, Jagonnath Basu, Sumana Bhaduri and Sarbari
The novel tells the story of the sumptuous lifestyle and the decay of a feudal family. It is
the story of Pateshwari aka Chhoto Bou, a woman who wants to experience romance, to
be a real wife, to invent for herself and live a new kind of conjugality.
Written & directed by playwright Smt. Ranjana Bhanja, this was the first audio format
performance of the novel in the country.
Other performers of the play were Chandan Majumder, Mamata Chatterjee,
Maitreyi Roy, Debmalya Banerjee, Sudipta Chaudhury, Hiralal Sil & Prosenjit
Theme music has been composed & directed by Utsav Bhanja. Background score has
been directed by Santanu Bandyopadhyay.
The event was co-organised by Jackson Records Digital Entertainment, who also
released the live recording of the play after the event, in digital format across popular
music streaming apps and websites like Amazon Prime Music, Saavn, YouTube, iTunes,
Followers of theatre, literature & poetry have been keen to watch this story develop on the
stage since it’s first Bengali movie adaptation in 1956 starring Uttam Kumar, Sumitra Devi
& Chhabi Biswas. In 1962, the Hindi version of the film was released starring Meena
Kumari, Rehman and Guru Dutt, which also was a blockbuster.

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