At the onset of the monsoon, Kolkata witnessed the launch of Sree Basu’s, one of the most popular RJ of Radio Mirchi, debut Rabindra Sangeet album, ‘Eso Shyamolo Sundoro’ by Shri Sourav Ganguly, former Indian Cricket Captain and President of the Cricket Association of Bengal at the Eastern Metropolitan Club.

From left Dr. Saptarshi Basu, Sree Basu, Sourav Ganguly and Aditi Gupta

The famous Indian radio jockey and king of comedy, Mir hosted the program. The album is directed by Aditi Gupta, one of the most popular Rabindra Sangeet singer and Arijit Mitra from Naba Rabi Kirone, arranged by Subrata Mukhopadhyay and produced by Srinivas Music.

The main event ‘Ek Poshla Robi‘ is a stage manifestation of the songs recorded on the cd along with sweet nothings of Tagore in the form of a narrative and will be narrated by Mir with the performances by Aditi Gupta and Sree Basu. The event will be on 12th April 2018 at the ICCR. While addressing the press Shri Sourav Ganguly says,

“I know Sree since Dadagiri days when she came for an episode, she is a wonderful singer and I always keep telling her to unleash her singing skills. The Dadagiri days have changed my life after I came out of the cricket which also gave me the chance to meet such wonderful people from the entertainment industry. I congratulate Sree for the album and also Aditi ma’am for helping her on the journey.  Mir is a wonderful person and I request everyone to listen to the cd for the 8 songs that are selected with care.”

Adding to this Mir also urges the audience to listen to the songs sung by Sree. He says, “While you pay for the cd do not think you are buying her talent it is the ‘nazraana‘ that is given for the effort she has put into the making of the cd. At the same time, I am happy to be a part of this ideation as I have not worked a lot for Tagore related works and may be this is the time I am the selected one to spread Tagore’s message. Thanks to Sree and Aditi Gupta.”

Aditi Gupta praises Sree by saying, “Though I am her guru, but, in today’s time very rare it happens so that gurus are paid respect so well and with utmost grace.” Sree Basu expressed her gratitude to her colleagues who helped her in this voyage and says, “Two people have encouraged me a lot and one is Dada who asked me to make people listen to my songs and my husband who ideated this event and thought of Mir doing the program as everyone knows the little about the ‘serious’ man residing in the comedy soul.”

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