Ambuja Neotia Group adds Tea Junction and Afraa Deli kiosks at Kolkata Airport

18 April 2018, Kolkata : Ambuja Neotia Group now greets the fliers from Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport with a varied range of desi chai and delicious food with Tea Junction and Afraa Deli Express joint kiosks opening  its doors at the Kolkata Airport. The group has entered into a 5 year long contract with a possibility for extension in future.  One kiosk at the International Arrival with a spread of 350 sq feet just before the 5B exit and the other at the Domestic food court with an area of 90 sq. feet approx. in the security hold area have been serving the passengers since February, this year.

Tea Junction Afraa Deli @ Kolkata Airport Ambuja Neotia Group adds Tea Junction and Afraa Deli kiosks at Kolkata Airport

The Tea Junction offers its regular menu along with a few additional items available at the exclusive airport kiosks. The menu offers 15 tea based hot, warm and cold beverages. Amongst other beverages, the hot sellers include the ginger chai, Kesariya chai which is served in the traditional clay khullad, a USP of Tea Junction and Bubble Tea which was recently launched. The food menu includes the sandwiches, puffs, fried items and desserts – mostly sponge based tea cakes.  While tea junction caters to the desi taste buds, the Afraa Deli Express pampers the fliers with multi-cuisine preference. It offers an extensive menu ranging from breakfast items, pizzas, pastas, meal bowls, stir fried items prepared fresh on the spot. By setting up the two brands, Ambuja Neotia Group has ensured that they have something for everyone. The most sought after item at Tea junction is their very famous Chai, Samosas, Kachori Sabzi & Grilled Sandwiches while Afraa Deli Express sells pizzas, pastas, bowls and breakfast items the most. The dessert items, offered by both the brands vary from cake slices that go well with tea to the creamy fruit and chocolate ganache based cakes satiating those with a sweet tooth. As far as the demand is concerned, domestic departure, section has more demand/footfall since domestic travel is far more than international movement in Kolkata. Additionally, departure will always have more footfall and captive customers since the travellers are usually early and have time to spare waiting for boarding. On the other hand, with regards to arrival, usually it’s only transit passengers and a small fraction waiting for transport who avail food and beverage from the counter.

Afraa Deli Tea Junction @ Kolkata Airport Ambuja Neotia Group adds Tea Junction and Afraa Deli kiosks at Kolkata Airport

Tea Junction currently owns and operates more than 35 outlets between Kolkata and Siliguri and have plans to expand nationwide starting financial year 2018 – 2019. Afraa Deli Express currently has 6 outlets and also has plans for full scale expansion first in Kolkata followed by the other cities. As a part of their expansion plan the group is exploring the possibility of setting up kiosks at Kolkata Stations – Howrah to start with. The kiosks are also present at 4 Metro station locations and will soon be opening 2 more. The expansion to other airports will depend on the future city expansion by the brand.

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