With the onset of the auspicious navami today, tolly celebs are getting ready to put on their best look for the day. And looks like, the ‘Cockpit’ actress Priyanka Sarkar is done with her selection. In an image on her profile, the actress looked beautiful and elegant in her red coloured sari which was paired with a green coloured blouse. To accentuate the look, the actress had opted for big earrings, a simple necklace and a bracelet made of gold. We just loved her look! What do you think about it?
It seems it's the 'projapoti' which is winning the hearts of Bengali listeners. 'Tomake Bujhina Priyo' from Anindya Chatterjee's upcoming film 'Projapoti Biskut' keeps on ruling the chart for back to back weeks. Composed by Prosen, written by Ritam and sung by Chandrani Banerjee, the soulful track has been a huge hit with the music lovers with an inclination for a soft song with the heart-touching lyric. The track stays at the top position of Radio Mirchi Top 10 Bengali songs. 'Hote Pare Naa' from 'Bolo Dugga Maiki' and 'Dwattok' from 'Maacher Jhol' ended up at 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.
Shabor is all set to come back with a darker storyline. Shabor series in Arindam Sil's direction never shied away from bringing the not-so-explored side of the criminal mind. Based on Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay's 'Projapotir Mrityu O Punorjonmo', Sil's latest endeavor 'Red Cycle' will be shot in Lucknow. Shabor with his assistant Nanda and Inspector Sanjeeb will visit Lucknow receiving a special invitation to solve a crime.
Tomorrow is the day when Kaushik Ganguly's much-anticipated film 'Chhaya O Chhobi' will release in the nearby theatres. Starring Abir Chatterjee, Koel Mallick, Ritwick Chakraborty, Churni Ganguly, Barun Chanda, and Priyanka Sarkar, its a film inside a film. Shot in Darjeeling, the film starts when Maya starts shooting her film with Arindom and Rai Chatterjee but the twist comes when the leading lady of the movie becomes untracable. It's a love story with several layers. If you are planning to catch the film, check out the hall list here and choice your favorite hall from the list.
Kaushik Ganguly's 'Chhaya O Chhobi' is all set to release tomorrow. Prior to that, the award-winning filmmaker narrates how the idea of the film inside a film generates in his mind. According to him, "While the actors enact as per the given script, all the people attached to a movie come close and make a story of their own behind the camera." Apparently, this has inspired Ganguly to make 'Chhaya O Chhobi'. The filmmaker also confirmed that the audience will see Koel's best work till date in the movie. To know more, check out the video below.
The shoot of Arindam Bhattacharya's horror thriller 'Flat No 609' has started recently. Actress Sohini Sarkar was the director's first choice for the film. But after Sohini opted out from the project at the last moment, 'Durga Sohay' actress Tonushree stepped in her place. Tonushree will play the female lead opposite Abir Chatterjee for the first time and the audience will get a fresh pair in the upcoming film. Recently, the duo shot few scenes at Rajarhat New Town area in Kolkata.
Bong beauty Pooja Banerjee recently got engaged to her long time beau Kunal Barma. The gorgeous actress, who played the female lead in 'Challenge 2', 'Macho Mastana', and 'Loveria' opposite Dev, Hiraan, and Soham Chakraborty respectively, later went to star popular Hindi TV shows like 'Devon Ke Dev Mahadev'. Pooja dated Kunal for a long time before getting engaged to him. The duo will soon tie the knot. Pooja will soon be a part of another Hindi daily made for a private channel. The actress might come back to Tollywood to star a few Bengali films as well.
The first song has filled our heart, the second song of 'Maacher Jhol' is coming with a promise of serving a treat for our taste buds. Pratim D. Gupta's much-anticipated food movie will release on 18th August. Prior to that, the songs of the film will keep on raising our cravings for the delicious dish AKA the film starring Ritwick, Paoli, Mamata Shankar, Arjun Chakraborty and others. The second song 'Bangali Maacher Jhol' penned and composed by Anupam Roy will release tomorrow at 6 pm. Nikita Gandhi has lent her voice for the track.
Actress Ena Saha, whose latest movie 'Comrade' is running at the box-office, talked about her character in this political movie based on the real life turbulence of Singur and Nandigram. "I play Nandini, a character I have never played before. Nandini is an aggressive girl who goes from being a simple village girl to someone who is forceful and takes revenge.
Rituparna Sengupta is working with Aparna Sen after 17 years! “The warmth, affection and the love is the same between Rinadi (Aparna Sen) and me," said Rituparna. "In fact Soumitrada, Rinadi and I were talking about the days of Paromitar Ekdin," she added. On the film and her role, the actress told, "It revolves around the 50th wedding anniversary of my character's parents. It's a relationship saga where Jisshu plays my brother and Kaushik and Saswata are my cousins."
Tonushree Chakraborty and the whole team of 'Aleya' is having a gala time at the shooting location in Taki thanks to the constant downpour. "I had call time at 8 am but till evening I couldn't give a single shot as it's only raining here. Lunch was sumptuous- khichuri, beguni, padad bhaja and chutney accompanied with non-stop adda," said Tonushree. In the film, the 'Durga Sohay' actress plays a police officer.
Here is a good news for the fans of Yash Dasgupta. The actor who was last seen in 'One' has finally quit smoking! "I was trying to quit smoking but was failing every time. Then one fine morning I decided to quit and I have managed to stay away from it till now. Though it's a huge challenge, I am gradually getting used to it," said Yash. The announcement has made his fans and friends happy. Actress Mimi Chakraborty took to her Twitter handle to congratulate him.
Here comes the first look poster of 'Shob Bhooturey' and it's amazingly spooky. Interestingly, the first look doesn't feature Abir Chatterjee or Sohini Sarkar, the leads of the film, but a little girl whose eyes may scare the frail hearted viewers. The horror flick directed by Birsa Dasgupta has a school at its center where all the supernatural phenomena take place. The film also stars Ida Dasgupta, the daughter of Birsa, who plays a key role in the movie.
If you are feeling happy thinking there are only four days left for the release of 'Chaamp', here comes another news that will make you overwhelmed. The entire team will be present at a special ceremony which will be aired on the television on 25th June, two days after the film's release. So, you will be able to catch Dev, Rukmini, Raj Chakraborty, Chiranjeeb, Jeet Gannguli, and others at 9 pm on Zee Bangla Cinema.
Recently, the film industry of Bangladesh faced a crisis over the release of 'Nabab' and 'Boss 2' which are slated for an Eid release. While on the one hand, a certain group of the country is protesting against films made in Indo-Bangladesh collaboration, on the other, the hall owners have threatened to go on a strike if 'Boss 2' and 'Nabab' don't release on the pre-determined day. Yesterday, a press conference was organized where Bangladeshi actors Shakib Khan, Firdaus, and others spoke in support of Indo-Bangladesh co-production.
Can you guess who is the actor behind this getup? We bet you can't and you won't believe us if we say, it's Bengal's superstar Dev whose picture you are seeing here. He sported the look for his yet-to-release movie 'Dhumketu'. For this, the actor had to sit four hours in the makeup table! Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, the movie was meant to be the comeback film of Dev and Subhashree where the 'Chaamp' star will be sporting three different looks. This is the first look which got revealed today.
If the scorching sun outside wasn't enough, here comes Surjo with an amazing attitude to raise the heat! A brand new poster of 'Boss 2' is out, which features Jeet AKA Surjo in an intense avatar. The gorgeous poster comes with the film's tagline 'Back to rule'. Also starring Subhasree Ganguly, Nusrat Fariya, Indraneil Sengupta, Kaushik Sen, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, and a bunch of Indian and Bangladeshi actors, 'Boss 2' will release during this Eid.
If you are feeling happy thinking there are only four days left for the release of 'Chaamp', here comes another news that will make you overwhelmed. The entire team will be present at a special ceremony which will be aired on the television on 25th June, two days after the film's release. So, you will be able to catch Dev, Rukmini, Raj Chakraborty, Chiranjeeb, Jeet Gannguli, and others at 9 pm on Zee Bangla Cinema.
Here comes the first look poster of 'Chhaya O Chhobi' and it looks gorgeous and interesting for its uniqueness. Featuring Abir Chatterjee, Koel Mallick, Ritwick Chakraborty, Priyanka Sarkar, and Churni Ganguly, the poster with its red hue is bound the attract viewer's eyes. Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, the film revolves around a film inside the film. Shot in Darjeeling, the romantic drama is set to release soon.
Before the 'Cockpit' takes off, the team welcomed another actor on board. This time, they signed a Bangladeshi star Roshan, who will play the co-pilot of the flight where Dev plays the pilot struggling with a flight that faces a technical glitch. "I liked the story of the film and I have an important role to play in the same. Also, working with a superstar like Dev will be an experience to me," said Roshan. The film also stars Koel and Rukmini Maitra.
The shoot of Eskay Movies' next project 'Chalbaaz' was stalled due to Federation of Cine Technicians and Workers of Eastern India. According to the producers, EIMPA has threatened to delay the London shoot of Subhashree and Shakib Khan starrer 'Chalbaaz'. They have shown inadequate technicians taken to the UK, as the cause of the action. As per a leading daily, several independent producers are thinking of quitting EIMPA for facing trouble on a regular basis.
Here comes the first poster of 'Jawker Dhan' and we bet you will love it. The theme of the adventure movie reflects on the gorgeous poster featuring Parambrata Chatterjee, Rahul, Priyanka, Sabyasachi, and Kaushik Sen in it and intrigues the audience instantly. Based on Hemendra Kumar Ray's fiction, directed by Sayantan Ghoshal the movie revolves around two friends set on a journey to find a hidden treasure. 'Jawker Dhan' will release in this July.
Arindam Sil's controversial project 'Dhananjai' is making headlines for its bold and disturbing subject. Based on the case of the execution of Dhananjai, the film can be hard hitting, revealed the maker of 'Ebar Shabor'. "The film speaks the truth bluntly. Therefore, digesting it can be difficult for many," he expressed. According to him, the making of 'Dhananjai' was a difficult task for the entire team. The movie stars Anirban Bhattacharya and Mimi Chakraborty in lead roles.
'Maula Re', the heart-wrenching number from 'Chaamp' is out and it's making the audience emotional. Penned by Anindya Chatterjee, the beautiful lyrics depicts the struggle of the protagonist of the film while the soulful music composed by Jeet Gannguli and sung by Arijit Singh will melt your heart. The video depicts the bond between Shivaji and Jaya, who stands by each other even in the difficult time. Check out the song now
Subhasree Ganguly, who is currently in news for her break up with Raj Chakraborty, has clearly moved on. As the work is keeping her busy, Subhasree is handling her heartbreak maturely. When asked about the same, the 'Boss 2' actress said, We can't learn anything without facing hurdles in life. The more it comes, the more I will be enriched." She also talked about her films that are lined up for the release. "I want to work in the films where I have scope for performing better," she added.
Here comes the much-awaited trailer of ' Jawker Dhan' and we cannot be more excited. The trailer is gripping from the start to end and it gives the thrill right away. We see the glimpses of the adventure that takes place when two friends set out on a journey to find hidden treasures and there is the big villain Karali , who too wants the riches. Directed by Sayantan Ghosal, the film based on the novel by Hemendra Kumar Roy stars Parambrata, Rahul, Priyanka, Sabyasachi Chakraborty, and Kaushik Sen in pivotal roles.
The music launch of 'Chaamp' became the witness of several memorable incidents. While the ceremony saw tears in superstar Dev's eyes, it also saw Jeet Gannguli, who has composed songs for 'Chaamp' and 'Boss 2', the films that will clash at the box-office on 23rd June, calling both the movies like his child. 'Dangal' fame rapper Raftaar was present on the stage, who sang 'Dekho Dekho Chaamp' when Dev joined him. An elated Rukmini shared her experience of doing the film. Check out the special moments from the event here.
Now that everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of 'Boss 2', Jeet and Subhasree appeared on an interview to tease the fans and increase their curiosity. While promoting his upcoming venture, Jeet opened up about his belief in destiny in his personal life. However, in workplace, hard work and dedication matters the most, thinks the superstar. To give his fans the best experience, the superstar has penned the story and performed difficult stunt without using any dummy. Watch the star share his experience in this interview.
Jeet Gannguli's melodious creation in Arjit Singh's voice has already won everyone's heart. As a bonus here comes the lyrical video of 'Ureche Mon' from the film 'Boss 2'. The romantic number featuring Jeet and Subhasree shot in the exotic beaches is a treat to ears and eyes. The lyrics penned by Pranjal will also touch your heart. Check out the lyrical video now. The film also starring Nusrat Faria, Indraneil Sengupta, and others will release on June 23.
‘ByomkeshPawrbo’ famed Abir Chatterjee will soon be seen in yet another film titled ‘Flat609’, for which a press conference was conducted to share the details relatedto the film. Abir, Sohini Sarkar Mamta Shankar, Rudranil Ghosh, directorArindam Bhattacharya among others were present at the meet. As per the detailsshared, the story is about a married couple who moves to a new house unaware ofthe fact they have an odd neighbour
Mimi Chakraborty, who was admitted in a private hospital following measles is doing well and as per the latest information, she has been shifted from CCU (Coronary Care Unit) to a cabin. Despite running a 102 degree F fever and immense weakness, she continued to dub for ‘Dhananjoy’ so that film is completed in time. She was last seen in an emotional family drama ‘Posto’, which received appreciation for its plot.
The fiery title song ‘Dekho Dekho Chaamp’ of ‘Chaamp’ is currently the tune on everyone’s mouth. Packed with powerful dance steps and set in the boxing ring, the song has that x factor to capture anyone’s attention. So how did all this come into existence? Watch this making video, which captures the idea of singer Raftaar, actress Rukmini and the protagonist Dev on the song. It will tempt you to watch the video song for once again.
Well-known for his unconventional stories like the very recent ‘Rajkahini’, Srijit Mukherji has announced the shooting of his next film ‘Uma’. The director tweeted about the same by sharing the first still which had the clapboard and the script of the film. It will be majorly shot in Switzerland. Jisshu Sengupta has been roped in to play the father to his real life daughter Sara in the movie. It also stars Srabanti Chatterjee.
Known for her performance in several TV serial, Tollywood actress Ritabhari Chakraborty is all set to act in an Indian-USA collaborative English film titled ‘The Director’. Bijukumar Damodaran is the maker of the film. The diva will be seen opposite Prakash Bare, who is a well-known Malayalam actor. The shooting will be done in Sikkim and is scheduled to commence from July. The story traces the journey of the duo in the steep mountains of Sikkim where they get trapped due to a landslide.
If you are in awe of the Dev's fit and fab appearance in 'Chaamp', you must know how it was achieved. It was no cakewalk for the actor to gain weight and then lose the same. "I would wake up at 5 am and workout till 7.30am. After that I would catch up on sleep for 20 minutes and go off to shoot. We would pack up around midnight. And then I would hit the gym again for an hour after dinner," Dev remembered. "We started shooting from November 25, and I went on a no-salt diet," he added. You will be surprised to know that the superstar is still continuing the no-salt diet to stay in shape.
Sometimes, busy schedule keeps our actor away from some attractive projects. Something like that happened with the silver screen's Byomkesh. Jisshu Sengupta is one of the few actors, who is doing back to back films without a break. Recently, he is busy shooting Srijit Mukherjee's 'Yeti Obhijaan' for which he had to turn down Prakash Jha's offer to play the lead in a series based on the curious case of Bhawal Sanyashi. Now, the audience will see Gaurav Chakraborty to play Bhawal Sanyashi on national television. Interestingly, Srijit is also set to adapt the same incident for a film.
Birsa Dasgupta is all set to tell a new tale 'Sob Bhuture'. This time, the director has a horror story in his kitty. Aniket doesn't believe in ghost but his father is a believer, who ould visit places with supernatural connections and pen down his experience in the magazine that he runs. However, Aniket starts his own business when a school principal comes to him with a request. He wants him to investigate the unnatural activities in his institute. A woman with supernatural power joins him. Abir Chatterjee has been roped into play the lead while Sohini will play a woman with exceptional power.
Shiboprosad-Nandita's 'Posto' will soon complete 25 days at the box-office. The film has already grossed 5 Crore and still going strong in houseful theaters. To celebrate the success, the team arranged a special screening for the stars where Prosenjit Chatterjee, Jeet, Rituparna Sengupta and many others were present to grace the event along with the cast of the film But, it was Argha Bose Roy, who played little 'Posto' stole the spotlight effortlessly. Everyone wanted to click with him. Actress Parno Mittra even wanted to take the eight-years-old boy with her but Argha turned down his offer.
The advance booking for this year's much-awaited film 'Aroni Takhon' is open now. Directed by Sourav Chakraborty, 'Aroni takhon' has already released in various cities of foreign countries. A love story dated back to the time of Babri Masjid demolition and Godhara incident, the film starring Soumitra Chatterjee, Paoli Dam, Pratiek Babbar, and Indraneil Sengupta is set to release in Bengal tomorrow. To watch a film with different shades of life and love at the backdrop of realistic India, grab your tickets now!
A new film to get added to this year's Puja release list. In this festive season, Raj Chakraborty and Venkatesh Films is set to deliver a pure rom-com revolving around Uma and Saumyo played by Nusrat and Ankush. Ankush plays a boy from a traditional family who lies 40 times in a minute! His lies lead him to a crisis and to his love as well, informed Raj. "There will be Durga Puja in the film," revealed the director. Paran Bandyopadhyay will play a pivotal role in this venture.
As the release date of 'Chaamp' is coming close, the excitement among the fans is increasing. The viewers have already loved all the soundtracks that have released but they are still waiting for 'Tumio Champ' song sung by Anupam Roy. If you are one of them, here is a good news for you.The much-awaited song of 'Chaamp' is going to break on 10th June on Addatimes. The film starring Dev and Rukmini will release during Eid.
As Dev secures his position on 'Cockpit', the passengers keep on board the flight and you won't believe who are going to travel on the plane. Don't get confused, we are talking about Kamaleswar Mukherjee's upcoming film 'Cockpit' where Dev plays a pilot. Recently, Raj Chakraborty and Priyanka Sarkar shot for the film! They will be seen playing important roles in the film. Raj took to his Twitter handle to share the news with all. The film also stars Koel Mallick and Rukmini Maitra as the female leads.
Film and Football lovers can now make your plan together for this weekend. Riingo's directorial 'Messi' is all set to release this Friday. As the name suggests, the film is all about Football, more precisely Bengal's culture of Para Football. Starring Ronodeep Bose and Aryann Bhowmik, the film tries to find out the hidden Messi within all the aspiring players. Good news is, the advance booking for the film is on now and you can book your tickets on the internet!
This Eid is going to be bigger than ever. In this festive season, Bengal's two superstars are bringing two movies for their fans which will clash at the box-office on the same day. While Salman Khan's 'Tubelight' is going to release on 23rd June, Two Bengali films will attract an audience as well, believe the trade analysts. As per them, both the trailers have found audience's favor.
Rajorshi Dey's much talked-about film 'Birpurush' shoot is on. The movie where multiple Tollywood divas came together to deliver an action thriller, stars Swastika Mukherjee, Srabanti Chatterjee, Sreenanda, Payel Sarkar, Manali, Sudipta and others. As the team opens up about the upcoming film from the location, the audience could see the Tollywood divas determined to achieve perfection are putting forward their best feet. Check out the video here.
If you have watched 'Dekho Dekho Chaamp' video song, the awesome dance video featuring Dev and Rukmini Maitra in it must have impressed you. If you want to learn what it took to make this awesome piece, here is the answer. Raj Chakraborty took to his Twitter handle to share a glimpse of the making of the video with the fans. Here check out how the dance number was choreographed and shot in the studio.
Here comes a heart-warming song from the album of 'Aroni Takhon'. In the deep and soulful voice of Anupam Roy & Dipannita Acharya, the song amalgamates different genres and flavors of music and the outcome becomes a refreshing experience. As per the filmmaker Sourav Chakraborty, "I always wanted the music of this film to be a soulful journey. Hence we decided on the variations, on the different textures of the soundscape.” Proving him right, 'Ekbar Phirte Dao' will be winning hearts for sure.
The fans are yet to get over with the magic of 'Jaya Tomari' and 'Tu Hi Hai Chaamp' and another good news arrived. Yet another rocking number from the album of 'Chaamp' is going to release soon. Sung by Raftaar, the audio song is made to emphasize on the theme of the sports film. The fans will be happy to know that their favorite superstar has also lent his voice in this soundtrack. Also, starring Rukmini Maitra, Chiranjeet, and Kamaleswar Mukherjee, the film will be releasing on Eid.
Here comes the first video song of 'Badshah'. The carefree dance number featuring Shakib Khan and Subhasree Ganguly is made to make the fans go in their dance mode instantly. Composed by Savvy, the song is sung by Shadaab Hashmi & Akriti Kakkar. Also starring Aparajita Adhya, Kharaj Mukherjee, and Rajatava Dutta, 'Nabab' made under Eskay Movies and Bangladesh's Jaaz Multimedia, the action-packed thriller will releasing during Eid.
Jeet starrer superhit flick 'Boss' released in 2013. The fans were waiting for its sequel since then. Therefore, when the first song of 'Boss 2' came out, the fans couldn't resist their excitement. This time, Bangladeshi actress Nusrat Faria joined the cast, who was seen matching the steps with Jeet in the 'Allah Meherbaan' song which has crossed 1 Million views on Youtube within two days.
Does Ankush flirt with his co-stars or is Nusrat a good friend with Ankush and Sayantika? If you are a fan of the actor duo and want to know more about them, check out them facing a true or false round while promoting their upcoming venture 'Ami Je Ke Tomar'. Revolving around a triangle love story, Ravi Kinagi's directorial venture will be released on May 19. Check out the fun-filled adda session here.
Composed by Indraadip Dasgupta, the title track of 'Ami Je Ke Tomar' has touched multiple hearts. The heart-wrenching sad number has crossed 100 K views on Youtube. If you are one of them who is addicted to this song, it's time to memorise the lyric. Check out the lyrical video of the song on the Youtube channel of SVF Music and sing along. Starring Ankush, Nusrat, and Sayantika, 'Ami Je Ke Tomar' will be releasing on 19th May.
Her ex is working with her current beau but Subhasree is least bothered about their equation. The actress believes, "Success doesn't come until one doesn't face a crisis in life". In this coming Eid, her film 'Boss 2' will be releasing along with Raj Chakraborty's Dev starrer 'Chaamp'. "I am a fan of Raj Chakraborty's film. His film always has some special touch. We discuss scripts but we have decided to not to interfere with each other's work," revealed Subhasree. The actress is also a part of Raja Chanda's 'Aamar Aponjon'.
Among the Bangladeshi actors, who have worked in Tollywood Jaya Ahsan is one of the most famous and appreciated one. The 'Bishorjon' actress has earned three national awards in her country and garnered critics and audience appreciation in India as well. In the latest interview, she revealed a different side of her personality by sharing a little information and funny incidents of her life. From getting love letters from her students to her friends and co-stars in India, know the pretty lady better here.
Made under the banner of Venkatesh Films, 'Ami Je Ke Tomar' will be releasing this week. Prior to that, Ankush, Nusrat, and Sayantika are turning no stone unturned for promoting the venture. Recently, the trio met at a restaurant to discuss their upcoming film. Although the meeting started with easy banter between three friend's they eventually got serious and moved their focus on the movie. The trio couldn't praise director Ravi Kinagi enough for portraying the love and friendship beautifully. Ankush, went on to say, "None can match Ravi Kinagi in bringing the sentiment on screen."
The title track of 'Chaamp' has hit the internet and its video is already making the viewers go gaga over it. The video features Dev as Shivaji and captures the moments of his training as Shivaji turns into an expert heavyweight boxer gradually. Not only the common audience and fans, Dev's hard work for the film seem to have impressed superstar Prosenjit Chatterjee as well. The noted actor took to his Twitter handle to pour appreciations. Check out the tweet here.
Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy's 'Bela Shese' and 'Praktan' made new records in the box office. But, there was a doubt regarding the success of 'Posto'. In a city addicted with 'Baahubali 2', the film got 75 halls instead of 100 like the previous movies. However, 'Posto' stood out making it to one crore club within 4 days. As per the reports, the film will get more than 90 halls in its second week. Even the weekday shows are running houseful in Priya, said Arijit Dutta. The film will have a pan-India release in upcoming week
To set a perfect look for the characters of a movie the costume department and makeup artist's contribution is undeniable. Especially, when a film like 'Chaamp' comes with an out-of-the-box concept like the struggle of a boxer, their work gets more challenging. In case of Dev's home production, the team had to be extremely particular and dedicated to their work. Check out how Dev becomes Shivaji and Rukmini transforms into Jaya here.
Kolkata, 10th May, 2017: Hindi Medium is an upcoming Hindi film, a T-series & Maddock Films presentation, written by Zeenat Lakhani, directed by Saket Chaudhary and produced by Dinesh Vijan and Bhushan Kumar. The film will have Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar in the lead roles. Irrfan Khan visited Kolkata today afternoon at Novotel for a Press Conference to promote his upcoming Bollywood film 'Hindi Medium'.
Sin Sister is an upcoming Bengali movie, a psychological thriller based on the novel Sin Sister, by Australian novelist, Geri Hemer. The film is produced by Geri Hemer and Pinaki Ghosh under the production banner Power Publishers & Motion Pictures. The filming of Sin Sister began from the last week of April 2017 and is expected to be over by June.
SS Rajamouli’s ‘Baahubali: The Conclusion’ (Hindi version) has not only taken the box-office by storm but has beaten the lifetime collection of ‘PK’ too. The film has been a game-changer for Indian cinema by becoming the fastest film to enter the 100-Cr, 200-Cr and 300-Cr club in less than 10 days of its release. And, now it is all set to enter the 350-Cr club at the end of its 12th-day run. It managed to add another 16-Cr to its kitty from its 11th-day run (Monday) with which it has taken its overall Hindi version collection to 342.75 Cr.
'Ele Chupi Chupi' from 'Aamar Aponjon' crossed one lakh views on Youtube. Sung by Armaan Malik the soft melody has won the hearts of the Bengali music lovers. The refreshing track is gaining positive remarks from the audience and the video featuring Soham Chakraborty and Aindrita too found fan's favour for capturing the peppy romance beautifully. The film also starring Priyanka Sarkar and Subhasree Ganguly is slated to release on 12th may.
Rajorshi Dey's upcoming film 'Beerpurush's muhurat was held today. The film made it to the news for its stellar cast which includes all the A-listed actresses of Tollywood. The action flick will see Srabanti Chatterjee play a police officer for the first time. On the other hand, Swastika Mukherjee, who plays a double role in the movie will be seen essaying the prime antagonist while Payel Sarkar and Sreenanda play the big baddies in 'Beerpurush'. Among the male performers, Mir and Anirban Bhattacharya are to play key roles in the film. Check out the images from the star-studded muhurat.
In his last interview regarding his upcoming film 'Cockpit' Dev, who is playing the lead in the film as well as producing the same, informed there will be two heroines in the movie. Revolving around a day's experience of a pilot, the team was looking for two actresses to play Dev's wife and a member of cabin crew. Director Kamaleswar Mukherjee zeroed on Koel to play the wife and 'Chaamp' actress Rukmini for the role of the cabin crew.
Directed by Riingo, sports film 'Messi' is all set to release on 26th May. The promotion of the film started with much enthusiasm of the cast and crew. Recently, the team promoted the film at I-Lead. The team including Aryann Bhowmik, Chaiti Ghoshal, and Riingo promoted the venture by travelling by bus. The absence of its lead actor Ronodeep Bose didn't curb other's excitement, however, they didn't forget to remind everyone about the ailing actor with their #PrayforRono slogan.
It is hardly few days that Raveena Tandon’s controversial hard-hitting movie ‘Maatr’ based on a sensitive issue of rape was released and while the tabloids and fans are yet to overcome the stringent truth of the story, the actress is back with a new film titled ‘Shab’. The first poster of the same is out and it gives the feeling of a retro mixed glitzy life. The movie stars debutant Ashish Bisht and Arpita Chatterjee in other significant roles. It is slated to release on June 30 this year.
Here comes a good news for the listeners of Bangla music. As the first two songs from the album of 'Ami Je Ke Tomar' keep receiving love and appreciation from the viewers, a brand new song of the film will be releasing soon. Composed by Indradip Dasgupta, 'Take It Easy' is going to be a sizzling dance number featuring Ankush and Sayantika in it. Knowing how good they are at dancing, the audience can also expect an amazing video as well. The film also stars Nusrat Jahan in a pivotal role.
According to the team, 'Ami Je Ke Tomar' is an emotional story revolving around three individuals whose lives get intertwined by one thread. The new poster of the film featuring Ankush, Nusrat Jahan, and Sayantika Banerjee reflects the film's theme. The triangle love saga is directed by Ravi Kinagi. Made under the banner of Venkatesh Films, the movie will be releasing in this May. Actor Joy Mukherjee will essay a pivotal role in this venture.
Here comes the first look of Mithun Chakraborty and Raima Sen starrer Bangladeshi film 'Hason Raja'. The historical film revolves around the story of Hason Raja, a ruthless landlord (essayed by Mithun) whose love transforms him into a philosopher and a legendary poet of Bengal. The first look of the much talked-about film features Mithun in a fierce avatar.
Here comes the striking first look of Birsa Dasgupta's next venture 'One'. The gorgeous poster features Prosenjit Chatterjee, who plays the prime antagonist of this thriller along with Yash Dasgupta and Nusrat Jahan, the leading duo of 'One'. The stunning poster also reveals the film's release date. The movie will hit the screen in Poila Boisakh. Check out the poster below.
Recently, Monali Thakur won against the trolls on Twitter by shutting them up with her sassy replies. The 'Sanskari' trolls passed cheap judgement on her dress to which the songstress gave a fitting answer. Not only she came out as a winner in this battle but proved she can remove all the negativities from her life. And guess who supplied the 'Moh Moh Ke Dhage' singer with lots of positive thought? It's none but her dear furry friend Bella. Check out this adorable tweet here.
Here comes the beautiful poster of 'Doob' featuring Irrfan Khan, the leading actor and co-producer of the film. Directed by Farooki, the bi-lingual film currently started to make headlines when Bangladeshi government imposed the ban on it. However, the director has not given up. "I'll go to the court if needed," said Farooki. The film, also starring Parno Mittra is rumored to be inspired by the life of noted Bengali author Humayun Ahmed.
Her relationship with director Raj Chakraborty is the talk of the town now. However, Subhasree Ganguly is least bothered about the rumors. The actress, who is already shooting her third film in this year, is keeping herself busy with the work. "This is the busiest year of my career. I am already at my third film. I am also getting several offering including a few brand endorsement," shared the sizzling actress.
Ten years ago, Anjan changed the scenario of Bangla cinema with 'The Bong Connection'. Now that he is set to revive the franchise, a nostalgic Srijit shares his feeling with all. "The Bong Connection, with its fascinating, crisscrossing, twin journeys, replete with memorable characters and lilting music, told me it's time to set sail and start planning for the final plunge," says the 'Autograph' director, who feels delighted on the franchise being renewed with 'The Bongs Again' with a gender reversal of the original. The film will hit the screen on January 13.
Arindam Sil has already wrapped up the shoot of 'Durga Sohay'. The director of Byomkesh and Shabor franchise is bringing a family drama in the month of April. As per the latest news, the film is to release on April 28. Starring Sohini Sakar, Tonushree, Sampurna Lahiri, Kaushik Sen, and others, the film revolves around a nurse named Durga, who is appointed to take care of the eldest man of an aristocrat Basak family of Kolkata.
After a break of one and a half year, Mainak Bhaumik is back with 'Bibaho Diaries'. In his own words, "I was exhausted. Release of 'Chalachitra Circus' got stalled. I felt audience didn't like 'Family Album', therefore, I needed a break for self-assessment", told Mainak, who wants to start afresh. "I directed 'Bibaho Diaries' to rediscover myself," shared the young filmmaker. It's a sweet, positive movie, added Bhaumik.
A very cute Neha Panda has already grabbed attention of the viewers in the trailer of 'The Bongs Again'. The actress who is also a professional stylist has no hesitation to admit that she is not a trained designer. Praising her director, the young actress added, "Anjan Dutt gave us freedom to enact the character in my way. He didn't force a thing on us." According to her, he is the coolest director she has worked with. The second film of 'Bongs' franchise is set to release on January 13.
In 2016 box-office has got a mixed reaction from the audience. While the first half of the year wasn't much promising, some films did an impressive business at the box-office. According to Tollywood Online, Srijit Mukherjee's 'Zulfiqar' became the biggest gainer of the year with a 7.5 Crore total collection closely followed by this year's biggest sensation 'Praktan' that collected a whooping 6.98 Crore at the box-office. Among the other releases, 'Eagoler Chokh', 'Byomkesh O Chiriyakhana', 'Love Express', 'Badshah', 'Abhimaan', 'Gangster' made it to the top 10 list.
Acclaimed Bengali filmmaker Srijit Mukherji is all set to show his direction skills in Bollywood with his maiden movie ‘Begum Jaan’ which is a remake of his 2015’s highly-appreciated Bengali film ‘Rajkhaini’. And as the release date nears, the first still of the film is doing the rounds on internet. Vidya Balan has captured every inch of the character originally played by Rituaprna Sengupta. The picture also shows Gauhar Khan in a de-glam look.
Recently, Soham Chakraborty was spotted in Kalimpong where the 'Bojhena Se Bojhena' star shot for his upcoming film. Ayindrita Ray, who is making a comeback to Bangla cinema after three years was also present there for Raja Chanda's 'Aamar Apanjan' which revolves around three women who comes in the life of Soham's character. Subhasree and Priyanka Sarkar have been roped into play two other leading ladies in the movie.
Recently, West Bengal Film Journalists’ Association (WBFJA) disclosed the nomination categories of West Bengal Film Journalists’ Association Award 2017. Along with a lifetime achievement award, there will be seventeen popular awards including Best Film, Best Music, Best Playback Singer (male and female), Most popular film of the year and others. The logo of the award was also unveiled at the same event attended by Bengali actor Dev and other eminent film personalities of Bengal.
The music of 'The Bongs Again' has been unveiled by the noted singer-songwriter, actor, and director Anjan Dutt and his son Neel Dutta, who has composed the music for the upcoming venture starring Parno Mittra, Neha Panda, Gaurav Chakraborty, and Jisshu Sengupta. The makers have released a fresh and new rendition of famous folk song 'Hird Majhare' from the album. Enjoy the song here.
Bengali's Christmas is incomplete without a Feluda movie. This year, we got not one but 'Double Feluda' as Sandip Ray adapted 'Shamaddarer Chabi' and 'Golokdham Rohosyo' together in a movie. If you loved it or just couldn't catch it till now, check out the Tolly stars giving their feedback on the movie starring Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Feluda.
Recently, the launch of Mainak Bhowmik's 'Bibaho Diaries' took place in the presence of the filmmaker and the singers like Anupam Ray, Lagnajita, and Somlata, who have lent their voice for the songs used in the movie. While, music director Savvy talked about the music, Mainak gave a hint about the movie saying, "Married people will relate to the movie. Unmarried ones will be better off watching this film." In short, 'Bibaho DIaries' is all about marriages.
Bengal's superstar Dev's performance in 'Zulfiqar' has shut his critics' mouth just a few days ago. Then why he suddenly took to his Twitter handle to seek blessings of his fans? No, you don't have to worry about your favorite celebrity but wish him good luck for his home production 'Champ'. The mahurat of the film took place today which Dev has stated as a big day for him. Directed by Raj Chakraborty, 'Champ' will launch Dev's close friend Rukmini Maitra as the female lead in the movie.
Finally, here comes the news that you were waiting for. The official trailer of Arindam Sil's 'Byomkesh Pawrbo' is to hit the internet on 18th November, Friday. Made under the banner of Venkatesh Films, the second instalment of the sleuth series stars Abir Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar, Kaushik Sen, and Sayantika Banerjee. The music of the film is done by Bikram Ghosh.
Here comes the first look of 'Byomkesh Pawrbo'. Directed by Arindam Sil, the vibrant poster solely concentrates on the iconic sleuth of Bengal. Starring Abir Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakraborty, Sohini Sarkar, Kaushik Sen, and Sayantika, the upcoming thriller is a film adaptation of Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay's 'Amriter Mrityu'. 'Byomkesh Pawrbo' is eyeing for a Christmas release along with 'Double Feluda' and 'Kiriti Roy'.
After the huge success of 'Bela Shese' and 'Praktan', Shiboprosad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy have announced their next venture 'Posto'. In the film, the parents and grandparents fight over the custody of a kid. Soumitra Chatterjee and Lili Chakraborty will essay the grandparents. Jisshu Sengupta and Mimi Chakraborty have been roped in for playing the parents of the child. The film also stars Paran Bandyopadhyay and Sohag Sen in a pivotal roles.
Here is the jukebox of the latest movie ‘Chocolate’, slated to hit screens this Friday i.e on October 7. The album starts with Arijit Singh’s beautiful song ‘Saat Sagar’ and comprises four tracks including a theme. Anwesha Dutta Gupta, Dibyendu Mukherjee and Debraj Dey are the other singers who have crooned to the music of Indraadip Das Gupta. Srijato and Prosen have penned the lines.
His first film 'Gangster' is yet to release but Yash Dasgupta, the new face of Bangla cinema is already making to the headlines for his dream launch. The actor who is been considered as the superstar of future is, however, lost in the magic of golden era of Bengali cinema. In an interview to a Bengali daily, the actor called himself a fan of Uttam Kumar and Suchitra Sen.
Team 'Zulfiqar' came together to promote their film at Tollygunge station while supporting the much-needed cause at the same time. The director Srijit Mukherjee joined hands with the cast of the film including Prosenjit Chatterjee, Dev, Parambrata, Ankush, and Paoli Dam for cleaning Metro initiative and raising awareness among the public. We feel that's a great way to promote a film, isn't it?
Here comes the official trailer of Raj Chakraborty's directorial venture 'Abhimaan'. The film stars Jeet in the lead role along with Subhasree Ganguly and Sayantika Banerjee who play the leading ladies in this family drama. In the movie, Jeet plays a responsible man who disguises as a driver to reunite his family. The film also stars Kharaj Mukherjee, Kanchan Mallick, Biswanath Basu, and Sabyasachi Chakraborty in pivotal roles.
How is Yash Dasgupta off screen? In real life, does he share any feature of the characters he plays on screen? What does he do in free time? The fans want to know everything about their favorite star who is already a heartthrob even before the release of his first movie as the lead. If you too are inquisitive and would love to know Yash better, check out the 'Gangster -Extra' video to find out more
As the audience loved the teaser poster of 'Gangster', Venkatesh Films, the banner under which the film is made, released the official poster of the film starring Mimi Chakraborty and newcomer Yash Dasgupta in the lead. Directed by Birsa Dasgupta, the film is a love story merged inside action and drama. 'Gangster' also stars Bratya Basu in a pivotal role. The film is to hit the screen on October 7.
After engaging us with the melodious 'Thik Emon Ebhabe', here comes the theatrical trailer of the much-awaited film 'Gangster'. The two minutes and eleven seconds long trailer shows lots of action and romance that will keep the viewers hooked to the screen. Yash and Mimi's sizzling chemistry at the backdrop of beautiful Istanbul comes out as a winner. Directed by Birsa Dasgupta, the film is to release during this puja.
Subrata Sen's 'Mister Bhaduri' has already hit the screen. Rahul plays the lead role in this psychological thriller. According to him, "This sort of slow-paced and effective thriller has not been made for a long time. The movie will haunt the audience after it's over." The actor believes this style is the USP of the film. "I enjoyed playing the titular role in this film,' added the actor.
'Thik Emon Ekhane' the romantic number in Arijit Singh's mellifluous voice is exactly what you need to listen to start your day. Penned down by Prasen and composed by Arindom, the song has been featured on Mimi Chakraborty and newcomer Yash Dasgupta in Birsa Dasgupta's upcoming film 'Gangster'. The film is all set to hit the screen during this puja.
Mimi Chakraborty, the beloved actress started her career with much-acclaimed show 'Gaaner Opare' but switched to TV where she has been a part of mainstream movies from the start. Now, after several hits and a messy breakup, the actress revealed, "I had a lot of inhibitions where I was not comfortable doing intimate scenes. In Khaad I had to kiss Shaheb (Bhattacherjee), but I requested Kaushikda (Ganguly) to change it. Then I was offered Chatushkone, but I refused, as the character had some bold scenes. But now I want to do both art films and commercial cinema." Mimi is currently busy dubbing Birsa Dasgupta's 'Gangster' which is to release this Puja.
The confusion regarding the puja releases seems to have found no conclusion. After the release of Dev and Subhasree starrer Kaushik Ganguly's film 'Dhumketu' got postponed, Anjan Dutt's 'The Bongs Again' was scheduled to hit the screen on October 7. However, there might have a change in the schedule again. As per the latest news, 'The Bongs Again' release may get delayed due to delay in the shoot. However, Anjan Dutt's fan will be able to watch his 'Byomkesh O Chiriyakhana' which will release in the festive season along with four more movies. If the rumor is to believe, Suman Mukhopadhyay's film might hit the screen on the same day.
Mimi Chakraborty, the beloved actress started her career with much-acclaimed show 'Gaaner Opare' but switched to TV where she has been a part of mainstream movies from the start. Now, after several hits and a messy breakup, the actress revealed, "I had a lot of inhibitions where I was not comfortable doing intimate scenes. In Khaad I had to kiss Shaheb (Bhattacherjee), but I requested Kaushikda (Ganguly) to change it. Then I was offered Chatushkone, but I refused, as the character had some bold scenes. But now I want to do both art films and commercial cinema." Mimi is currently busy dubbing Birsa Dasgupta's 'Gangster' which is to release this Puja.
Arman Malik's first Bengali song 'Dhitang Dhitang' from 'Love Express' crosses 1 lakh views within a day and still counting. The refreshing and very desi dance number features Dev in his dancer avatar. The superstar sports some cool moves with the beats of the song composed by Jeet Gannguli. In the movie, he plays a boy next door who misses his train to Siliguri and starts a rollercoaster journey to reach his destination.
Dev and Nusrat Jahan starrer 'Love Express' is to hit the theatres this September. Prior to its release, the 'Bunohansh' actor shared his experience of shooting with a leading daily. "We shot for 40 nights at a stretch. I became insomniac after that. As we shot in real locations, the spots were not always shooting-friendly.Thousands of people used to gather to get a glimpse of Nusrat.
Arman Malik's first Bengali song 'Dhitang Dhitang' from 'Love Express' crosses 1 lakh views within a day and still counting. The refreshing and very desi dance number features Dev in his dancer avatar. The superstar sports some cool moves with the beats of the song composed by Jeet Gannguli. In the movie, he plays a boy next door who misses his train to Siliguri and starts a rollercoaster journey to reach his destination.
Here comes the trailer of this year's most awaited movie 'Zulfiqar'. Based on William Shakespeare's 'Julius Ceaser' and 'Antony And Cleopatra', Srijit Mukherjee's magnum opus stars Prosenjit Chatterjee in the titular role. The movie that is in the news for its stellar cast features Dev, Kaushik Sen, Jisshu Sengupta, Parambrata Chatterjee, Rahul, Ankush, Nusrat Jahan, June Maliya, and Paoli Dam in pivotal roles. The film is to hit the screens during Durga puja.
If Bollywood is looking forward to the clash of the titans with the arrival of Hrithik Roshan's 'Mohenjo Daro' and Akshay Kumar's Rustam', Tollywood too is fighting its own box office fight. The competition is mostly between Anjan Dutt's 'Hemanta' and Arindam Sil's 'Eagoler Chokh'. On one side there is solid storyline based on William Shakespeare's classic, another movie is backed by breathtaking thriller of Sabor story whose first installment was already successful at the box-office of last year.
Recently, the poster of 'Love Express' starring Dev and Nusrat, was released. According to the film's director Rajib, this is the first road movie of Bangla cinema. The director reveals the story where Dev plays a boy next door who meets Nusrat in a train and the story starts to revolve around them. Though, Dev and Nusrat have been paired up before in 'Khoka 420', this is the first time Nusrat will be the solo lead opposite Dev.
Kolkata’s first ever skin boutique ‘Lomasi’, launched today by tolly diva Nusrat Jahan. Skin boutique is a solution to stay ageless, young and fresh. Lomasi will provide services for all age group. Nusrat said on the occasion that, “After having boutique hotel now we have skin boutique in our city so I think people will be more aware of their skin and will visit Lomasi again and again.
The first look poster of 'Eagoler Chokh' was groundbreaking, the second poster also did not disappoint us. A gun-wielding Inspector Shabor aka Saswata Chatterjee looks stone-cold yet stunning yet again on the exclusive illustration. Film director Arindam Sil shared the poster on his official Twitter handle with a cool message. Check out the tweet and the poster image here
'Sesh Sangbad' is a movie that focuses on the difficulties and challenges a journalist face to unveil the truth in front of the public. Srabanti Chatterjee, who plays a determined and proficient Tv reporter Sharmistha in Pallav Gupta's first movie, says, "A life of a journalist is extremely difficult. For someone, who has never been to this profession won't even imagine the stress and hindrances a journalist has to face."
Rii sen has earned accolades for playing roles in several critically acclaimed films. The actress of films like 'Bish', 'Cosmic Sex' feels she has kept herself away from commercial movies for 11 years. Now after becoming the second runner-up of Bigg Boss 2, Rii is ready to work in mainstream dramas. "Now I want to do that -act, dance, be happy and earn money while doing all that.
Eminent director Buddhadeb Das Gupta's upcoming movie 'Tope' (Bait in English) is to premiere on the prestigious platform of Toronto International Film Festival 2016 in Masters of Cinema section. Based on a story by Narayan Gangopadhyay​, the film stars Paoli Dam and Ananya Chatterjee. The movie throws light on the artistic community who often becomes a bait in present-day society to serve personal interests.
Jisshu Sengupta and Abir Chatterjee, two most handsome and talented faces of Bangla cinema are to come together for Arindam Sil's next venture. Sil, whose 'Eagoler Chokh' is currently gearing up for release, has picked another Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay's novel 'Madam O Mahashoy' for making its film adaptation. "Yes, I am planning to direct this film after Byomkesh, but it's still too early to talk about it," says the 'Har Har Byomkesh' director confirming the news.
It's no news that Swastika Mukherjee is a renowned actress who has achieved international awards and critical acclaims with her performances in movies like 'Bhooter Bhabiswat', 'Anubrata Bhalo Acho' and others. The actress who is currently staying in Mumbai says, she still feels like a struggler there. However, she admits Dibakar Banerjee's 'Detective Byomkesh Bakshi' has given her a recognition among in the film circuit. The 'Saheb Bibi Golaam' actress also confirmed that she is not interested in doing 'masala flicks'. 'I will do films were my performance will matter," added Swastika.
Great news for the Bengali movie lovers around the world. People who are living in France, Canada and USA now can catch the movie 'Shikari' on the big screen. Made in Indo-Bangladesh collaboration, the film will release in these three countries on 12th August! The much-awaited Shakib Khan and Srabanti starrer film will also hit the theaters of West Bengal on the same day. Ashok Dhanuka, the director of Eskay Movies took to his Twitter account to inform the same. 'Shikari' has already scored at the Bangladesh box-office.
Director Ayan Chattopadhyay's debut movie 'Krishna Gohobor' is currently being shot in different locations of Kolkata. The film is a medical thriller revolves around a murder mystery that initiates when a scientist played by Saswata Chatterjee discovers an antidote for Ebola virus. Written by celebrity script writer Padmanabha Dasgupta, the film aslo stars Tanushree​, Samadarshi Dutta, and Koushik Sen.
How many people do we know of who are techies turned singers turned actors in recent times? None actually. However Ishaan Mazumder is one such exception.After passing out from Patha Bhavan, he moved to Bangalore to pursue his graduation in computer science and then went on to work for a number of IT companies over the next few years, but singing was always a passion.
Creating waves across the country with its riveting trailer, Eagoler Chokh promises to bring back hard-core thrill in Bengali cinema. With an ensemble cast - Saswata Chatterjee, Anirban Bhattacharya, Jaya Ahsan, Payel Sarkar, Arunima Ghosh, Ushoshi Sengupta, June Maliah, Subhrojit Dutta and others - Eagoler Chokh will stun everyone with its enthralling narrative and brilliant performances. This Shabor film will see Saswata Chatterjee and Subhrajit Dutta playing their roles as sleuth Shabor Dasgupta and his assistant Nanda with finesse.
'Late lateef' is what most of the Bengalis are and it's been the same with the monsoon in Bengal this year. Anyway, being late made it only more sought after season to everyone who were waiting for the first downpour of the year. So, when the rainy season has finally arrived, let's just have a quick glimpse of what our Bong divas are doing, eating and wearing in this moist season.
According to the box-office report, has done good at the box office in its opening week. If the news is to believe, 'Badshah The Don', starring Jeet and Bangladeshi actress Nusrat Faria collected Rs 1.2 crore in the first weekend which is not bad for a Bengali movie. Though pitted against a Salman Khan release, 'Badshah The Don' is been able to have an 80% occupancy during the weekend.
Recently, the trailer launch event of this year's much-anticipated movie 'Eagoler Chokh' took place in Kolkata. On the occasion, director Arindam Sil confessed, it's the audience demand that made a reluctant Saswata Chatterjee aka Shobor Dasgupta return to the big screen. According to the director Shobor is edgier and sharper in this second installment. The film releases on August 12. The trailer has already created lots of buzz among the cine lovers in Bengal.
Here comes a brand new poster of the film 'Sesh Sangbad'. The movie revolves around Sharmistha a journalist essayed by Srabanti who takes a dangerous route to unveil the truth breaking the protocols that stop the reality to come out in front of common people. It's a story of a journalist who rebels and sets out against all the odds.
The logo of upcoming Bengali film 'Kuheli' is out now. Eminent film director Sujoy Ghosh unveiled the logo on Twitter. Though the film is a namesake of a classic thriller movie, the new 'Kuheli' is a new movie with a fresh storyline and fresh pairing of Indrashish Roy and Pujarini Ghosh. The movie revolves around a thrilling plot that involves a young couple, a tarot​ card reader, a police and a serial killer.
Mimi Chakraborty, who started her career in critically acclaimed Tv show 'Gaaner Opare' is now a known face of Bengali commercial movie. Recently, the actress featured in 'Kelor Kirti', the official remake of 'No Entry'. She is not gearing up for shooting her next venture in Istanbul with Yash Dasgupta. According to the actress, she is ready to work in remakes, commercial as well as parallel films. In an interview to a Bengali daily Mimi told, she wants to work in Srijit Mukherjee's film. However, she accepts she is not comfortable in doing intimate scenes on scree.
From Rituporno Ghosh to Anjan Dutt, Jisshu Sengupta has been equivalent to the parallel Bengali cinema. Therefore, when he did a comeback in mainstream cinema with 'Kelor Kirti', which is an official remake of 'No Entry', it created buzz. On asking about the same, 'Byomkesh Bakshi' of silver screen explained he has no problem in doing a remake films if they are not shot to shot copy. The actor have several releases lines up in October and December.
Going by the box-office verdicts of the movies that released in the first half of 2016, it can be assumed that the year is witnessing a drought in the collection. The media analysts have already declared this is the worst season for Bangla cinema. However, successful or now, some of the films among them definitely worth a watch. Here are some highly rated Bengali films released on 2016 that deserves to be on your must watch movie goal.
It's not the classic thriller film that redefined the genre called thriller for a generation, it's a fresh new tale that claims to keep you on the edge with its thrilling storyline. In an interview, director Debarati Gupta reveals, “While I have worked on thrillers before, in a first, I'm bringing in a scary undertone to the thriller genre. The film is going to be unique in its presentation and all I can say is that the Bengali audience is in for a treat."
While Prosenjit Chatterjee has become the face of content-based movies in Bangla film and Dev is also experimenting with different genres, Jeet is remaining loyal to the mainstream films of Tollywood. On asking the same, the 'Power' star explains he wants to stick to commercial movies for a time period. According to him, he is not ready to leave his audience who has made him the superstar he is now.
Jissu Sengupta is coming back to anchoring. After a highly successful season of 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa', the 'Byomkesh Bakshi' actor is gearing up to take the charge of the stage and mic and host the dance reality shows where the kids under the age of 15 years can take part as the contestant. if the news is to believe, Ankush and Srabanti will the judge the performances in the show.
The poster reflects lots of drama and suspense in a unique way. The caption 'India 3rd most dangerous nation for journalists after Iraq and Syria' induce a sense of uncertainty and danger instantly. The official page dedicated to the movie shared the poster with a caption that says,"The door has finally opened & Sarmishta's journey has begun Unveiling the Official Poster of Sesh Sangbad #movies". Eros is producing the upcoming Bengali film.
After a bland phase, 'Praktan' is finally bringing back business to Tollywood's box-office. According to the news, the collection of the film has crossed four crores and it's still going strong. The release of multistarrer Hindi film like 'Houseful' didn't affected the its run. Even in its third week, Prosenjit Chatterjee, Rituparna and Aparajita Adhya starring Bengali film is performing better than Amitabh Bachchan, Vidya Balan and Nawazuddin starrer 'Teen'.
India's singing sensation Arijit Singh is singing Rabindranath Tagore's 'Mama Chitte Niti Nitte' and Bangladesh's superstar Shakib Khan lip syncing? with the same on the screen. Audiences are going to witness this amazing collaboration in Shakib Khan and Srabanti's upcoming film 'Shikari.' In the movie, Arijit will playback for Shakib for one Rabindrasangeet and one original song.
Mumtaz Sorcar, has been awarded the Bharat Nirman award for her exemplary contribution through acting in Indian cinema at the 23rd annual Bharat Nirman on Saturday, 11 June 2016. An actress who has made us proud with her first Bollywood venture Saala Khadoos opposite Madhavan, she is also an athlete and a fashion icon, who, in a short span of six years has carved a niche for herself with more than 25 films that saw her essay a variety of roles.
Big Super News To All Dev Fans And To All Tolly Lovers To Start Your Day.We All Know That Jeet Ganguly Is The Music Director Of Superstar Dev And Nusrat's Love Express Which Releases In August.The Big News Is That -Armaan Malik,The Famous Bollywood Singer Marks His Debut In Tollywood By Singing A Song For Love Express Under The Music Direction Of Jeet Ganguly.Love Express Arriving This August. 
'My character in the film Dhumketu is extraordinary. It's very interesting,' said Chiranjeet. This is the first time, Chiranjeet talked about the role on camera. According to the actor, the character can be labeled as a terrorist or a patriot! He believes, people in the country is not content and gets involved in dangerous activities like training the human bombs.In the movie, he runs a training camp and Dev plays one of his followers. The film is going to release on this Puja.
The second official teaser poster of the upcoming Bangla film 'Shikari' is out. Tolly News Bangla took to their official Twitter account to inform "2nd official teaser poster of Shikari !!!! @ShakibKhanBD @srabantismile." Made under the leading production houses of Tollywood and Dhallywood, this Indo-Bangladesh project stars Kolkata's Srabanti and Dhaka's Shakib Khan in the lead roles. The film is set to release on this Eid.
There is no doubt about the fact that Ajay Devgn's fans are waiting with bated breath for his magnum opus Shivaay which releases this Diwali. The film has all the ingredients of a wholesome entertainer - be it exotic locations, high octane stunts and a deep emotional connect. What's more is that the actor battled intense hypothermia while shooting at the Vihren Peak in the Pirin Mountains of Bansko in Bulgaria, where temperatures were minus 19 degrees Celsius.
After the success of 'Chander Pahar', the team is all set to revive the adventure and start a new one with 'Amazon Obhijan.' The shoot is going on in full flow. Here is a glimpse of the same. Dev aka Shankar of this adventure series took his Twitter handle to share the pictures with a caption that reads, "From the sets of Shankar er Amazon Abhizan. 1 of the most thrilling film of the year."
Recently, Srijit's debut Hindi film 'Begum Jaan' has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. The rumour has it that the film's production team and costume designer walked out of this venture due to the budget limitations. The production house has replaced the team without any delay. Now, the film production is assuming the shoot might get hampered due to the extreme weather in Punjab and Rajasthan.
The Jeet starring 'Badshah The Don' shoot recently got wrapped up in London. Now that the shooting is over, the stars are taking to their Twitter handle to share the snaps that have been taken in the location. Check out these awesome pictures that include Jeet, Nusrat Faria, director Baba Yadav and others involved in the movie. Here are few images of your favourite actors that might lighten up your mood.
It was a star-studded event at Aqua. All the prominent faces from Tollywood including Sohini Sarkar, Saaoni Ghosh, Agnimitra Paul were present to wish her a happy birthday. But on whom these stars are showering their love? It's none other than Rituparna Sengupta's 5-years-old Rishona who was the star of the night. The little girl in red dress was the centre of the attraction of the party.
Recently, the premiere of Prosenjit, Rituparna and Soumitra Chatterjee starring film 'Praktan' took place in Mumbai. Bollywood's eminent film director Mahesh Bhat was present at the ceremony. The director also Tweeted a picture with a caption that reads, "A picture with Nandita & Shibo the makers of PRAKTAN after the screening of their emotional / musical drama." The film will release worldwide on 27th May.
Advantages :-

1. 15 Years later the block buster duo Prosenjit_Rituparna is back.
2. As the production of the film is Eros International so it is releasing world wide. 25 major cities in India including Kolkata.Also releasing in Canada, USA on the same day.
3. The directors of film are ShiboprasadMukherjee and NanditaRoy who are the makers of longest running movie and 2nd highest grosser of 2015 Belaseshe. Expectations are very high.
After maintaining a cold distance between each other for 14 years, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta are finally coming back together in Shiboprshad Mukherjee and Nandita Roy's film 'Praktan.' Prior to the release of the movie, the actors along with the director shared the fun facts from the backstage. Prosenjit Chatterjee revealed the director had to pick up a 'late lateef' Rituparna to make sure the shoot starts in time to what the actress replied, "Ektu late kori." However, Chatterjee seems to be highly impressed with his directors.s
If you are disappointed with the irregular releases from Tollywood, here is the secret you should know. All the producers of big-budget films are lining up for Puja release. Filmmakers nowadays are ready to wait longer to get a slot in the festive season. This year, six Bengali films are going to hit the screen on October 7, on the day of Sasthi. The releases include Anjan Dutt's 'Byomkesh O Chiriyakhana', Kaushik Ganguly's 'Dhumketu', Srijit's 'Zulfiqar,' debutant director Sid's 'Prem Ki Bujhini' and two yet-to-titled films by Raj Chakraborty and Birsha Dasgupta.
Rupankar Bagchi, the National Award winning singer is all set to debut as an actor. The singer, who calls himself a dedicated fan of Soumitra Chatterjee's Feluda and Uttam Kumar's Byomkesh Bakshi, is going to essay a detective in his first film 'Manikanchan.' Directed by Debalay Bhattacharya, the film is a psycho-thriller where Rupankar plays Jatin Samanta who aspires to be a sleuth like Feluda and Byomkesh.
There could be thousands of reasons like artistic preference, competence factor, box office result that drive a director to work with one specific actor again and again. A director narrates a story through an actor, whom he expects to become an embodiment of his imagination and the more these two are in the sink, the better outcome reflects on the silver screen.
Bengali cine beauties are not only ruling the box-office these days but riding high with fan following thanks to their personal selfie sharing every now and then on various social media platforms. These stunning divas are keeping fans updated from sharing personal selfies to one before going to an event and creating quite a stir on social media with their overpowering gorgeousness. We take a look at 10 such Bengali stunners who are trending in the selfie queen status currently.
After several potboilers and mainstream romances inspired by the South movies, Raj Chakraborty is setting his eyes on Bengal's history. If the news is to be believed, Chakraborty is going to bring the tragic tale of 'Siraj-ud-Daulah' on the silver screen. Currently, poet and lyricist Srijato is doing the research on Bengal's last 'Nawab'. The director is yet to finalize the lead actors of the film. However, as per the rumor, Dev can essay the protagonist in this historical saga.
Finally, after a long planning, Gautam Ghose is all geared up to start his dream project in India-Itali co-production. 'Lala,' the film based on Sergio Scapagnini's 'The Story of Lala' is about a little boy from Madhya Pradesh. The national award winner director has already started his search for the lead actor. "Some road urchins from MP is currently working with several organizations​. I have shortlisted a few of them," informed 'Shankhachil' director.
Prosenjit Chatterjee has a chain of releases this year. While, Gautam Ghose's 'Shankhachil' is running successfully in the theaters, his film with 'Bela Sheshe' director Shiboprosad Mukherjee is going to hit the screen soon. Recently, SVF took to Twitter to inform about the trailer release of Prosenjit's next film with director Kamaleswar Mukherjee. "Dark romance to sizzle up the season ! Trailer of our next film, directed by @AmiKamaleswar releasing soon !" Venkatesh Films posted on their social networking handle.
After the sequel of 'Chander Pahar,' director Kamaleswar Mukhopadhay is going to plan his next venture, 'Mukhomukhi.' Based on Oscar Wild's timeless novel, 'The Picture of Dorian Grey,' the film will focus on various shades of human relationships. The director has sealed the casting. Jisshu Sengupta, who is all set to start working for Anjan Dutt's 'Bongs Again,' is going to essay the protagonist in Mukherjee's next.
Paran Bandopadhyay in the title role gives a brilliant performance which, coming from his rich theatrical past and his long innings in cinema, is no surprise at all. His simmering anger at his son’s dishonest and corrupt value system, his anger with the compulsions of selling off the projector by force of circumstances, his eagerness to see how his son is faring at the fare, are all expressed mainly through his mobile face and body language.
Naseeruddin Shah and Kalki Koechlin starrer 'Waiting' trailers have already created the buzz in social media. While audience of Hindi films are waiting for its release, Bengali film director Partha Sen has found the trailer is awkwardly similar with his film 'Anubrata Bhalo Acho?' According to the director, the plot, trailer and even the color used in the trailer is same with his award winning film.
After lots of confusion and assumption on the fan's part, Sandip Ray announces his next Feluda. Ray is bringing back Sabyasachi Chakraborty as reader's favourite detective once again. The actor-director duo has already delivered five super-hit Feluda movies. Sabyasachi left the franchise to bring a young actor onboard. Abir Chatterjee filled the gap for one movie.
Check out the newly released logo of one of the most anticipated movie of this year, 'Eagoler Chokh.' The movie is a crime thriller based on the detective Shobor series written by Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay. 'Har Har Byomkesh' director Arindam Sil is bringing back the police detective on big screen after the success of its first film 'Ebar Shobor.'
The complications related to the West Bengal-Bangladesh border is nothing new. People living on the other side of the fence often has to cross the line of control to receive faster treatment. In the film, a couple crosses the border and fake their identity to treat their ailing daughter. The movie has moved people like Mr. Hasanul Haq Inu, the information minister of Bangladesh and retired BSF jawan Bangshidhar Sharma who think Governments of both countries should be more sympathetic towards the people living in this area.
‘Poila Baisakh’ is one of the most important festivals for all the Bengalis, marking the Bengali New Year. But, it’s not just a festival welcoming New Year, hopes and aspirations, it also marks the arrival of new films too. Being very passionate about films since ages, Bengalis lap up all good films and enjoy them thoroughly. Many big directors have released their films during this season and even this year two big budget ones are arriving for ‘Poila Baisakh’. We bring to you eight films which released for ‘Poila Baisakh’ and struck gold at the box office.
After the huge success of 'Har Har Byomkesh,' director Arindam Sil is to start his next film based on Byomkesh Bakshi. This time, Sil has chosen Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay's 'Amriter Mrityu' for its screen adaptation. Abir Chatterjee will resume his role as the famous Bengali sleuth along with Sohini Sarkar and Ritwick Chakraborty who are returning as Satyabati and Ajit respectively. Sayantika has been roped for playing a pivotal role in the film.
‘Poila Baisakh’ is one of the most important festivals for all the Bengalis, marking the Bengali New Year. But, it’s not just a festival welcoming New Year, hopes and aspirations, it also marks the arrival of new films too. Being very passionate about films since ages, Bengalis lap up all good films and enjoy them thoroughly. Many big directors have released their films during this season and even this year two big budget ones are arriving for ‘Poila Baisakh’. We bring to you eight films which released for ‘Poila Baisakh’ and struck gold at the box office.
The handsome hunk who is now on a vacation tweeted from Macau. The Bengali hottie who is known for his great body and fitness shared a picture that proves he is not skipping his fitness regimen even in this foreign trip. 'Bihari' of 'Chokher Bali' tweeted "You can question my talent but not my commitment. Working out on my vacation VenetianMacau best hotel gym so far!"
"Traveling to Bangladesh for Shankhachil premiere," Prosenjit Chatterjee tweeted today. The actor with the award winning director Goutam Ghose flew to attend the premier of the film that is made in co-production of India and Bangladesh and won national award as the best Bengali movie of the year. The film will be releasing on 14th April in West Bengal and Bangladesh and on 15th April in rest of India.
Prior to the release of Jeet starrer 'Power' the team is leaving no stone unturned to promote the film. This time the beautiful ladies from the action film is going to appear on the set of popular game show Didi No. 1.' "Combination of Powerful & beautiful, Power girls coming on Didi No. 1 with loads of fun & bawal. 3DaysForPower," tweeted Venkatesh Films.
The event of 'Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti' in association with Anandabazar Patrika and The Telegraph that celebrates the mouth-watering chocolate sweets came to its end on a sweet note. Tollywood heartthrob Abir Chatterjee and pretty lady Tonushree appeared in the event spot at City Centre Salt Lake to give away the awards to the winners of the competition decided by public votes. They also felicitated the Chocochefs of the year.
Currently there are lots of buzz about the telly series 'Mahanayak' inspired by the life of Bengali's one and only Mahanayak Uttam Kumar. Prosenjit Chatterjee who will be essaying the protagonist shared the picture of the entire unit working in this project that include Paoli Dam and Birsa Dasgupta. The photograph was taken in the shooting location.