One More Time Kiriti Will Unveil The Crime!


By: Souvik Saha | Kolkata | Updated: Dec 6

Bengali loves crime thrillers. That's why Bengali literature has unlimited detectives but on the silver screen, we usually get two of them - Feluda and Byomkesh Bakshi. Last year, another detective debuted on the big screen. Last year, Camilia Film introduced Kiriti Roy on the silver screen,

this year they are coming back in 'Nilacholey Kiriti'. Based on Niharranjan Gupta's 'Basanta Rajani', this time Kiriti's investigation will take place in Nilachol AKA Puri. With this, Indraneil Sengupta will retrieve his role as Kiriti Roy. Rituparna Sengupta plays a pivotal role in this upcoming thriller.