'Ghore And Baire' Team Reveals Their On And Off-Screen Chemistry!

By: Souvik Saha | Kolkata | Updated: Nov 24

Mainak Bhowmik's 'Ghore And Baire' shoot is going on in full swing. Revolving around two urban and independent individuals, Amit and Labanya, it's a romantic comedy starring Jisshu Sengupta, Koel Mallick, and Biswanath Basu. Talking about his character, Jisshu revealed, "I play a guy who is smart but gets confused when Labanya is around."

However, Koel was more vocal about sharing her backstage experience as it is just opposite of her on-screen chemistry with her male lead. "I try to look cool but I am actually worried whenever Jisshu is sitting beside me," said Koel. She also commented on the director. "He is a calm looking man who is extremely mischievous," she added.