7 Tollywood Divas And Their Favourite Monsoon Must Do’s

'Late lateef' is what most of the Bengalis are and it's been the same with the monsoon in Bengal this year. Anyway, being late made it only more sought after season to everyone who were waiting for the first downpour of the year. So, when the rainy season has finally arrived, let's just have a quick glimpse of what our Bong divas are doing, eating and wearing in this moist season.

Nusrat Jahan

The beautiful actress from the film 'Har Har Byomkesh' loves to welcome monsoon in simple and cute printed shorts and tees coupled up with vibrant flipflops humming her favorite number 'Tip-tip Barsa Pani' while it's raining outside. Being a true bookworm, the 'Urvashi' of 'Kelor Kirti' prefers to celebrate the season reading horror stories over a cup of coffee. Telebhaja with puffed rice and chilies completes the arrangement to the T.

Sohini Sarkar

The lovely woman with a million dollar smile, desires to look more appealing during the most romantic season of the year. Therefore, she loves to wear flowers along with sari when it's raining heavily. However, in busy days hot pants are more of a convenient wear to her. The peppy retro number 'Ek Ladki Bhigi Bhagisi' lightens up her mood when the rain becomes monotonous. Khichri and fried Ilish are her way to deal with an uneventful outpouring.

Sayantika Banerjee

She is known for her strict diet and fitness regimen. But, when it comes to rainy season, Sayantika declares, " Diet has to take a backseat on a rainy day." Like any other Bangali, the hotshot actress would love to live on khichri and Ilish fry and have them for all the main courses in a day. Also, Kishore Kumar's 'Rimjhim Gire Sawan' has to be on her playlist. A diehard romantic Sayantika enjoys watching the rainfall through the windshield while heading towards an aimless long drive.


The Priya debi of 'Mahanayak' would simply cuddle inside a comforter and watch a horror movie on a rainy day.Tonushree feels there is no better delicacy than 'muri-telebhaja' to keep your mouth full when it's pouring outside. But, on those days when she has to go out, a mid-length dress with colorful scarf is her go to outfit during rain.

Parno Mittra

The gorgeous face of Bengali cinema is an ilish-holic. If it's monsoon, hilsa has to be on her plate. "Be it fry, bhapa, with mustard — just anything!" tells the Ranjana of 'Ranjana Ami Ar Ashbona'. Parno's monsoon is incomplete without listening Ironic by Alanis Morissette and reading books when the raindrop slightly brushes her face.

Riya Sen

The granddaughter of enigmatic Suchitra Sen takes pleasure in watching pitter-patter raindrops through the window when she is in the comfort zone of her villa in Goa. The petite beauty develops a fetish for chocolate and Thai food, especially in rainy season. Denim hot pant and linen shirt gives her the desired attitude to rock the rain with swag. Also, 'Wicked Games' has to be played in the background.

Koneenica Banerjee

The lively Koni simply loves to get drenched in the rain. In blue or sea green chiffon sari, she loves to enjoy the rain in old Bollywood fashion. But, when it comes to music, the Bong diva loves the undying Bengali melody, 'Brishti Brishti Brishti' that blends nostalgia in the humid air. And what a gorgeous star like her like to have in monsoon? Simple, any sort of fries - dim bhaja, papd bhaja, tele bhaja, ilish bhaja with khichdi, that's all.