10 Bangla Films From First Half Of 2016 Which Won Critical Acclaim

Going by the box-office verdicts of the movies that released in the first half of 2016, it can be assumed that the year is witnessing a drought in the collection. The media analysts have already declared this is the worst season for Bangla cinema. However, successful or now, some of the films among them definitely worth a watch. Here are some highly rated Bengali films released on 2016 that deserves to be on your must watch movie goal.

Praktan (May 27, 2016)

After the success of 'Bela Shese', Shiboprosad and Nandia's ‘Praktan' hit the bull's eye once again. With this film, Prosenjit Chatterjee and Rituparna Sengupta's pairing made a comeback to the silver screen. Smart promotional strategy, amazing casting, and promising storyline added to audience's expectation, as a result the film opened to houseful theatres. The film has struck gold at box office (approx 2 Crores in 1 week, crossed 5 Crore in 4 weeks)and won critical acclaims as well. Average Rating - 3.7

Cinemawala (May 13, 2016)

Kaushik Ganguly's tribute to the bygone era of celluloid is a heart-wrenching narrative of a single-screen cinema hall owner whose passion for films couldn't change the fate of the loss-making business. Enriched with once-in-a-lifetime performance by Paran Bandyopadhyay, who plays the protagonist, 'Cinemawala' generated high ratings for its content quality. The film which achieved prestigious Unesco Fellini award before its release, received excellent reviews. Average Rating - 3.6

Chorabali (January 22, 2016)

Directed by Subhrajeet Mishra, 'Chora Bali' is one movie that changed the idea of the movies as we have seen them till date. It's an original thriller that might challenge all the pre-conceived notion and how! A mystery that truly stood apart without loosing its pace. 'Chora Bali' is one of the highest growsing film.

Bastu Shaap (January 15, 2016)

Among the series of flops, 'Bastu Shaap' became a ray of hope as it completed 100 days and touched the milestone. Set in the backdrop of an as unusual theme as Feng Sui, the movie revolves around five men and women and a mystery that dwells in their place. Directed by Kaushik Ganguly, the film gained favorable review from the critics and the audience. Average Rating - 3.5

Sangabora (March 25, 2016)

Though not counted as a box-office hit, this small-budget film is one of the bests that 2016 has witnessed till now. 'Sangabora', is a thriller movie which revolves around an ancient stone found in a village and the incident leads to a series of mysterious occurrence. Powered by the solid performance of the legendary Soumitra Chatterjee and supportings casts, the film manages to impress the audience and the critics with edgy storyline. Average Rating: 3.5

Shororipu (June 17, 2016)

Being the first neo-noir drama, the film 'Shororipu' generated buzz before its release. Directed by Ayan Chakraborty, the film is backed by a great cast that includes few powerful actors from the industry. The movie presents an engaging crime thriller in the backdrop of six cardinal crimes is receiving mixed reaction from the critics. Average Rating: 3.5

Shankhachil (April 14, 2016)

Being the National Film winning movie of the year, 'Shankhachil' managed to generate positive reviews and audience's love. Made in Indo-Bangladesh collaboration, the story of a family who has to cross the border illegally to save their ailing daughter touched the right chords with truth and simplicity. Being a Gautam Ghose's film, good reviews were expected for the film, but what's amusing is that the film enjoyed a long run in city multiplexes and did decent business at box-office. Average Rating - 3

Monchora (January 1, 2016)

Based on a relatively lesser known story by renowned author Sharadindu Bandyopaddhyay, 'Monchora' is a sweet love story with a hint of mystery. It's sad that even after good content and commendable performances given by Abir Chatteree, Raima Sen, Saswata Chatterjee and Paran Bandyopadhyay, the film couldn't make it to the box-office. However, you can definitely add this Sandip Ray's directorial venture to your watch list. Average Rating - 3

Power (April 14, 2016)

Being a Jeet starrer out and out commercial film, the movie failed to fulfil the expectation and contribute almost nothing to the box office. According to the media, analysts, remake movies are losing their grip over the common audiences. Unfortunately, 'Power' fell in the same row. However, Jeet and Sayantika's performance was praised by the critics. It gained a cool 3.5 rating from Cine Kolkata. Average Rating - 3

Ki Kore Toke Bolbo (February 12, 2016)

The film is a simple romantic tale of two people who took time to realize their feelings and failed to express their love for each other. Cine goers found a new, refreshing jodi in Ankush and Mimi, and the film turns out a moderate hit. While people hummed the romantic numbers composed by Jeet Ganguly, the film gained a decent rating from the critics. Average Rating - 3