London Plays An Integral Part In 'Prem Ki Bujhini'

Recently, Subhasree and Om were shooting for their upcoming film 'Prem Ki Bujhini' in London. According to the director Sudipto Sarkar, "London is actually adding to the story and has become an important character in the film. I am trying to show both the modern lifestyle and the innocence of village life in the film." Om, who is only a few films old in this industry, is working with Subhasree for the first time. On asking about the same, the young actor replied, "Subhashree is an A-lister and initially I was a little anxious about how she would behave with me on the set. But once we started shooting, I realised how helpful she is. She is senior to me but has been really forthcoming and helpful.” Subhasree is also happy with Om's performance. The film is going to release on this Puja.