Cinemawala is finally a touching and beautiful cinematic tribute to single projection theatres

Paran Bandopadhyay in the title role gives a brilliant performance which, coming from his rich theatrical past and his long innings in cinema, is no surprise at all. His simmering anger at his son’s dishonest and corrupt value system, his anger with the compulsions of selling off the projector by force of circumstances, his eagerness to see how his son is faring at the fare, are all expressed mainly through his mobile face and body language. Arun Guha Thakurta, a brilliant actor marginalized by most filmmakers, thankfully, gets his due in every Kaushik Ganguly film. He invests Hari with the right mixture of pain, sadness, anxiety and caring for his master. Parambrato Chatterjee as the son and Sohini Sarkar as his gentle, caring wife are both symbolic of the youth of today and also an effective juxtaposition in contrast to the older Pranab Das and Hari.