Woods Away - an exhibition of wildlife photographs

KOLKATA, June 22, 2016 : Today as we all disregard the fact that we have not inherited the world from our forefathers but have merely borrowed it from our children. Depleting habitats allover are causing deep wounds on the biodiversity and we seem to be indifferent to it.

Is it because we are losing respect for Nature largely because we are cut off from its miracles?

Have we stopped realizing that climate change is not a myth any more?

Its too late and now we all must realize the importance & contribution of the biodiversity towards our existence on this planet.

Woods Away – a photographic exposition is an initiative by SHER and is supported by ITC Sonar. It attempts to showcase our abounding biodiversity. The rich biodiversity as captured will flaunt its unfeigned splendor primarily meant to give vision to unseeing eyes and create responsiveness among those who are indifferent to it.

The exhibition is a collection of some extravagance of our lustrous ecosystem captured at various wildernesses of India & Africa that has been photographed by Joydip Suchandra Kundu, Shiladitya Chaudhury & Dhiman Ghosh. The exhibition was inaugurated by actress Gargi Roy Chaudhury and Mr. Atul Bhalla, the general manager on ITC.

Eminent journalist Late Mr Sumit Sen who was a dedicated wildlife supporter brought the participating photographers together to team up for Woods Away. He believed that through photographs from the wild meaningful difference could be achieved towards creating responsiveness on conservation of the ecosystem.

A coffee table book as an extension of the bouquet of wildlife photographs showcased at the exhibition is being published to reach out further towards making an encouraging difference. The spacial book with 60 photographs was launched by the famous dancer Mrs. Malabika Sen.

According to the photographers, it is through their photographs that they attempt to provide a platform to document threatened landscapes and species that cannot be underestimated. With the fact that the entire ecological system is being seriously threatened if the photographs succeeds in encouraging people to care for all threatened species, the enterprise will be accomplished.