Rajib launches career with movie on the flights of gigolos

Kolkata, June 8th, 2016 : Rajib Choudhury makes his directorial debut with a dark topic in his movie Romantic Noy. Unlike safe ventures and a commercial path, this movie is a journey from light to darkness dealing with the controversial topic of male prostitution. The story starts when Shekhar (Saheb Bhattacharya) a small town guy, comes to Kolkata with loads of dreams. The city to him is like a land of However as soon as Shekhar reaches Kolkata his bubble bursts and harsh reality steps in. After a rough baptism he finds a job in a gym. He meets Sumitra (Sayani Dutta) and life looks stable and happy. But this is the moment when everything goes wrong. Driven by desperation he looks for ways to earn money and lots of it. A friend of his Partho (Partha) takes him to Shilpi (June Malia) a middle aged housewife who runs a shady business. She calls herself a dealer in pleasure and supplies men to the lonely women in the city. Shekhar is not sure about this but he can see no way to save himself from a giant fall. From here starts the next phase of Shekhar’s journey into darkness. He loses his soul, his love and the very meaning of life. Just then he comes across a girl, Medha (Priyanka Trivedi). She brings a new wave of happiness, hope and love into his life. Shekhar is determined to stop working for Shilpi and start his life again. Will Shilpi let him go? Will Medha stay with him? And his friends, what will become of them? The answers to these questions form the climax of the Another important role in the movie is played by Rajesh Sharma. This is Om Cine Movies first venture.