Kolkata , April 21,2016 : The fun dining Bollywood themed restaurant GABBAR’S BAR AND KITCHEN at 11, Ho Chi Minh Sarani, Kankaria Estate, Park Street area, Kolkata, that was already known for some wonderful delicacies has attached a new feather to its cap by introducing all new characters to its already elaborate Bollywood masala repertoire.

From mouth-watering chicken keema filled tandoori momos to the lesser known Aam Papad Chicken (slices of chicken breast rolled in aam papad and then pan-fried) or the evergreen Kochi Pathar Jhol to Chicken Kasha the new menu at Gabbar’s is an exciting cocncoction of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. And that is not all, the new introductions also include some mouth watering and gastronomically enlightening desserts like the misti doi sphere to some much needed coolers to beat the heat in Litchi and Kafir Lime Mocktail and Curry Apple Martini.

Speaking about the new menu, Gabbar’s co-owner Harsh Sonthalia says, “We at Gabbar’s not only attempt at providing food lovers with good food but also make it an exciting experience for them by keeping a aclose eye on detailing and presentation. By introducing molecular gastronomy to the Kolkata, we have turned eating into an adventure and an experience for food lovers. Along with flavours the emphasis is also on visual satisfaction”

The list of new fare also include dishes like, Keema Pao (Spicy mutton keema with bun), Rome Ali Pizza (A pizza with rumali roti as its base), Baigan Cornetto (Bharta with feta yogurt on top) and Shakarkand Chat with Crispy Okra (Sweet potatao topped with crispy fried okra) in the starters. The mains too are an elaborate addition with Chicken Potli Kebab and Chettinad Mushroom featuring in it apart from the Panthar jhol and Kosha mangsho! Dessert sees the strawberry cigar being replaced with a mango one going with the season and Gabbar ki loot ki chat which is a visually stunning mango dish that has the main element served in four different ways.

Cost for two would be about Rs 1,500. Taxes extra.