Indywood Media Excellence Awards Held in Kolkata For the First Time

Having organized Indywood Media Excellence Awards at New Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Goa, now in its 3rd edition, they held a similar ceremony in Kolkata at Kolkata Press Club recently for the first time to felicitate city journalists. Actor Dolaon Roy and Arijit Dutta were present at the do.

IMEA is a passion project of Sohan Roy, founder Chairman and CEO of Aries Group of Companies. He is also the director of film Damm 999. Talking to MJ about the inspiration to start this media excellence awards he said, “It’s all about passion. I’m very passionate about movies and everything that is related to it. Those who work towards contributing towards uplifting film and media, specially the journalists should be recognized.”

During the course of the evening Indraneel Mukhopadhyay, Senior journalist & poet and Soma. A. Chatterjee, film writer received Lifetime Achievement Awards along with various journalists from print, visual, online and radio who were recognized for their contribution to promote film and media industry.

The aim of Indywood is to establish Indian film industry at the very top, even above Hollywood. And in order to do that they have set some very ambitious plans. Sohan has formed a consortium through which he plans to establish 2000 multiplexes - 500 in each zone - with total 10,000 screens in the next 2-3 years. WB stands as chance of having a lion's share of those screens.

And he thinks that in the next 5 years, Indian technology and expertise will take over Hollywood. He predicts services like within that 5 years films could be dubbed in 100 languages, that too in a single day against 4-5 languages dubbing possibilities that take several days. Grand plans also include 8k projection screens and unification of all film bodies into one.

Furthermore they plan to nurture talent through talent clubs across the country and bring in music and fashion industry under one umbrella so that all can experience 10 fold of the projected revenue in 5 years.