P C Chandra Jewellers launches a new television campaign for women with a traditional soul & a contemporary heart Unveils Wedding Collection 2017

P C Chandra Jewellers, a part of the business conglomerate PC Chandra Group, and one of the largest and most established jewellery brands in Eastern India has announced the launch of a new television campaign nationally.

The new campaign is beautifully weaved around a Bengali wedding where a modern Bengali NRI girl gets married to a foreigner at a foreign location. The protagonist merges seamlessly with the story reflecting her traditional soul having a contemporary mind. The story revolves around how she gets ornamented with the newly launched Wedding Collection from P. C. Chandra Jewellers. While she gets decked up, the film brings out her ambition and showcases her ability to balance every aspect of life like her career, relationships, values and customs. The film has some heart touching moments where the girl is seen attending an official call, but cutting it short to devote time to talk to her ailing grandmother over a video call seeking her blessings. She is showcased as someone who is not only efficient but at the same time values and respects family bonding & culture.

The last bit of the film captures her elegance while she walks up to the man of her life. The groom praises her beauty and calls her as “Mrs. Anderson”. The protagonist instantly in her confident yet charming way retains her identity of also being a “Sen”, while the groom agrees and supports the wish of his strong-minded lady-love.

The main objective of this campaign is to bring out the inner strength of an Indian woman who is no longer restricted to the four walls of her house and has progressed a lot to achieve greater success in personal life in the last few decades. This campaign is sure to bring out how informative and opinionated a modern woman is and how she chooses all essential elements of her life by herself starting from her career, friends, relationships as well as her wedding jewellery. It presents jewellery which is contemporary yet balancing the heritage of craftsmanship and modernity of design.

The jewellery used in this campaign is absolutely fit for modern brides, who have wings to seek opportunities, take risk, make a difference in life and motivate others while their roots keep themselves grounded to their tradition. The basic thought behind the new campaign is to create a distinction and widen the existing image gap between P C Chandra Jewellers and other players in the region; and, in doing so, establish the contemporary and cosmopolitan persona of the brand.

Speaking on the campaign, U.K.Chandra, Managing Director, P.C. Chandra Jewellers said, “We want to appeal to the young women of today having roots and wings- who strike a fine balance between traditional values and are independent and modern in their thoughts. For these young women we have very stylish designs which are light and contemporary but have been made with the traditional craftsmanship which is our heritage. Each bridal set has the good wishes of the entire P.C. Chandra family.”

Commenting on the new campaign, Ayan Chakraborty, VP & Executive Business Director, J Walter Thompson said, “PC Chandra’s intricate craftsmanship and the brand’s unique image in the minds of Bengalis all over the world is something we kept in mind while working. There is always the temptation to push a brand that much further but we ensured that while pushing it further, we retained its rootedness”.