Rally against the bad effects of tobacco Say No to Tobacco with Soumen’s Workout Initiative to make tobacco free society

The ‘World No Tobacco Day’ was observed as an awareness initiative by Soumen’s Workout highlighting the risk factors associated with the use of tobacco. The ultimate goal of the state-of-the-art slimming centre is to protect the present and future generation from the tobacco epidemic with the adoption of ‘No Machine’ workout regime and an effective counseling session. The event started with a counseling session and was followed by a walk Esplanade to Victoria Memorial Hall with the active participation of students from various schools and college from. Mr. Soumen Das, Owner, Soumen’s Workout was present at the occasion to flag off the walk and address the media. Kids were dressed up in skeleton design with placards to raise public awareness about negative effect of smoking. The initiative was aimed at ensuring a tobacco-free society against the devastating health consequences and also against the social, environmental and economic scourges of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Soumen Das, Owner, Soumen’s Workout said, “We at Soumen’s Workout feel that as citizens of the country it is our responsibility to encourage users to refrain from tobacco consumption. It is equally important to create awareness about the benefits of exercising so as to promote the health and overall well-being of the society.’’

The Anti-Tobacco Program was to develop the awareness among all the citizens suffering from the disease called lust for Tobacco. The issue of lust for Tobacco has been a nightmare in the modern times and is recently increasing at an alarming rate. The Organization’s only urge through this rally is to support to shape the pillars of the nation. The World No Tobacco day is thus the best day to proclaim to the crowd to be avoiding any such substances that could harm the body or our future growth. Every Sunday a fitness camp has also been initiated by Soumen’s Workout at all its outlets whereby free counseling on the nutritional aspects and workout will be shared to achieve the desired results.