The cast and crew of ‘Posto’ unveil the summer collection of Max Fashion The brand plans to have 200 stores in India by the end of 2017

TANIYA who is a fashion photographer.  She gets married with a unsuccessful musician who's name is KK. They have a sweet and sour love story besides that TANIYA's short temper mentality and KK's unsuccessful carrier was the main reason of their fights. KKwas habituated about the disrespectful moments of his unsuccessful carrier. TANIYA’s busy schedule and KK's romantic attitude was the only reason of KK's extra marital affairs. One day TANIYA finds a transgender begging. TANIYA gets interested and approaches him with an offer to photograph. Like ways she gets strangled with many and different kind of people and controversial situations. The story takes a twist from here and TANIYA gets stabbed on 31st December night. Then the appearance of Mr. SABYASACHI CHAKRABARTY happens to investigate the murder mystery. The film ends with unfolding of  many mysteries.