INIFD Annual Graduating Fashion Show: Tomorrow Makers

Showcasing the best in fashion and textile, INIFD organised their Annual Graduating Fashion Show, Tomorrow Makers at Rang Durbaar, Swabhumi on Friday, February 17. The fashion show was held in the presence of celebrity guests and judges.

With Tomorrow Makers, INIFD made yet another indelible mark in the fashion industry. The event showcased the creative collections of INIFD’s final year Fashion and Textile students. The fashion show serves as a platform upon which the students can display their creative talents and voice, through design, opinions and attitudes. The evening saw guest judges director Arindam Sil, actor Tanusree Chakraborty and designers Sharbari Datta, Agnimitra Paul and Australian designer Bronwyn Latif in attendance. The dazzling and thematic choreography for the event was done by Ms.Tina Mukherjee and the evening saw a showstopper in Deshaa Nandii who will soon be seen foraying into the Bengali film industry with her new venture Nayikar Bhoomika.

Speaking at the event, Susan Mantosh, who also showcased five collections, based on Kantha said, “The techniques of this hereditary craft is usually passed down from mother to daughter but tonight I decided to present n entire new twist to how Kantha is perceived. The Kantha stitch is normally rendered on pure silk or the cotton fabric, but I bring about a twist to this age old embroidery and in the process give a whole new dimension to it in the fashion arena. Unlike how it is usally used, I have used on velvet, tissue brocade, taant, net, glass tissue etc.” The accessories for her collection were created by Tokhme Morgh, one of the participating student groups at the event.

Speaking about Tomorrow Makers, Mainak Mitra, HOD Fashion department, INIFD Lindsay Street said, “The students are showcasing their entire experience and knowledge that they have garnered in the institution through this show. They are not only making regular wear but also using eco-friendly fibres and accessories to create environment friendly apparels.” He went on to add, “INIFD through this gala event helps in bringing these young talents to the limelight where people from different fields will get a glimpse of what the fashion thinkers of tomorrow envision.”

Mahasweta Sinha, HOD Textile department. INIFD Lindsay Street went on to add, “The two collections that the textile department is showcasing this year are symbolic of the different shades and shapes of nature. The platform of Tomorrow Makers helps budding designers in connecting with the right people and showing the world what they can do. In the process they create a mark for themselves.”

The evening saw 30 sequences with 19 being created by students from the fashion department of Lindsay Street campus while two more were created by the textile department and four more sequences were created by students from the Lucknow campus. The evening also saw five sequences specially designed by the patron Susan Mantosh along with two musical sessions by the young and dynamic singer Charisma.

The winners in various categories included

· Director’s Choice for best stylization: Huqqa

· Best Design Collection Fashion: Didgeridoo

· Best Fabric Development: Didgeridoo

· Commercially Viable Design: Didgeridoo

· Best Design Textile: Dot to Dot

· Best Ramp Appeal Fashion: Calavera

· Best Ramp Appeal Textile: Swarupa

· Apart from this Apsaras of Cambodia swept away numerous awards as runner ups in various categories.

The evening of fashion extravaganza was sponsored by Co-Sponsor Citimart, Megashop, The Scoop, Spice Pan Asian, Radio Partner Superhitz Red FM 93.5 Baajate Raho and our Event Partner Black Eyed Communication.