PC Chandra Jewellers Unveils Sonar Sahitya at the International Kolkata Book Fair, 2017

P. C. Chandra Jewellers, the leading jewellery house in Eastern India today released their fourth literary piece, “Sonar Sahitya” a book on the saga of jewellery in Bengali History & Literature. Conceptualized by P.C. Chandra Jewellers, penned by eminent author Shri Haripada Bhowmik and published by BEE Books, ‘Sonar Sahitya’ was unveiled at the International Kolkata Book Fair, 2017.

Sahitya Akademi awardee Dr. Nrisingha Prasad Bhaduri, scholar of Indian epics was present during this occasion to add poise to this momentous ceremony along with Shri Suvro Chandra, Joint Managing Director, P.C. Chandra Jewellers.

The history of ornaments is as old as the history of human civilization. Bengali literature has always played an important part in the Indian literature by reflecting a vivid image of contemporary East Indian society. The characters portrayed in the works of Bengali poets and authors of that era were carefully ornamented with a wide variety of jewellery made of metal, clay, stone and sometimes of flowers. The book depicts the use of jewellery pieces in the history of Bengali wedding. Bengali weddings are best known for its glitz, glamour, colour and opulence. Bengali wedding rituals and bridal trousseau also at times varies from region to region. It therefore stands to reason that bridal jewellery which forms a vital part of the wedding trousseau also differs in design and pattern across different communities of Bengal.

The book reflects how the bright yellowish glow radiating from the quintessential Bengali bride makes every heart skip a beat. It has smallest intricate details on how a Bengali bride wears gold with utter sophistication. It explains how the Bengali makes shakha and pola (Gold Embedded Conch-Shell Bangle & Gold Embedded Red Lac Bangle) & noa (iron bangle) an integral part of her identity. It describes all forms of Bengali traditional jewellery and its history and how it is perceived today. It talks about certain jewelleries that had vanished completely are how they making a comeback in our culture which includes the waist rings, hairpins, wrist bands, and amulets and naths & tiklis. This book is sure to give a knowledge boost to all the jewellery lovers across the state.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri. Suvro Chandra, Joint Managing Director of P.C. Chandra Jewellers said, “P.C. Chandra Jewellers is into the business of Jewellery for the past 78 years. The design and craftsmanship of each unique piece is derived from our understanding of the tradition and heritage of Jewellery making and its nuances over time. Aiming to share our understanding with our patrons and readers, we have time and again engaged in releasing books on Jewellery.

Our Founder Father Shri PC Chandra had written a book which aims at educating our patrons about how to recognize precious jewels and details about them. Keeping in line with his footsteps, this year we have brought together “Sonar Sahitya” which is a pictorial depiction of Jewellery and its journey as an evolving art form.

It reflects our tradition and aims at making our patrons and readers aware of the fashion that was prevalent in those times and how it has evolved over the ages.”