Young and talented singer RITURAJ SEN unveiled the first music video TUMHARE SHAHAR KA MAUSAM(SECLUSION) from his album KHAYAL at the Weavers Studio Centre for the Arts. A student of A R Rahman, this is his first music album and second music video. The video which is dramatized on Qaiser ul Jafri’s Tumhare Shahar ka Mausam and sung by Rituraj Sen, is a poignant representation of love, memories and nostalgia set within the patter of the monsoon.

Speaking at the event Rituraj said, “Khayal is a presentation of four popular ghazals and their melodies all the tracks in the album have a very fresh and independent nature from its traditional renditions. Baloo Dutta, one of the most noteworthy disciples of Ghulam ali, first composed the melodies years back and I grew up listening to these and wanted to sing them from a very early age.I finally started the venture back in 2014 after my return from Bangladesh. I recorded the album in Chennai and Kolkata. Shamik Chakravarty and Jerry Sylvester Vincent, the two most adorable musical minds of India of today's scene have come forward to contribute to the most extraordinary accompaniment for the melodies. They shared their ideas and patiently heard my own ideas and added different and rare textures to the different notches of the orchestral structure. It's been a long journey since its amazing bringing out the video to all of you.”

Speaking about shooting the video, Rituraj shared his experience, “Shooting was an exciting venture because I was doing it for the first time but my director Mr. Abhinandan Dutta was a gem. His concept and execution made it great and his method of working with the actors and the entire crew has been amazing. He made me do what he wanted me to do while shooting and it went almost imperceptibly. Like Mr. A.R. Rahman he is the second person in my life I have noticed, who never makes his artist dread the situation.”

Also present at the event were director Abhinandan Dutta, Assistant Directors Joy Mukherjee, Sourabh Sanyal and actors Mehuli Sarkar and Sam Samax.

The cast and crew of Tumhare Sahar Ka Mausam include

Tumhare shahar ka mausam(Seclusion):

· Composer: Baloo Dutta

· Singer: Rituraj Sen

· Recording supervisor: Navdeep Dhatra

· Foly sound and music arrangement: Jerry Silvester Vincent (AR's arranger, sound engineer and recordist)

· Mixing and mastering: Jerry Sylvester Vincent

· Concept and direction of the video: Abhinandan Dutta (Well known director and Editor cum actor)

· Asst. Directors: Joy Mukherjee

· Sourabh Sanyal

· Actors: Mehuli Sarkar, Sam Samax, Rituraj Sen

· Camera: Rommodip Saha (Broadscape Entertainment)