Akhil Bharatvarshiya Maheshwari Mahasabha

On Saturday, Akhil Bharatvarshiya Maheshwari Maha Sabha has started their 27th Session at Spring Club, Kolkata. More than 1200 Maheshwari Sabha members from all over the country are a part of this conference. Eminent personalities like H M Bangur, Venu Gopal Dhoot ,C K Somani , Vijay Biyani, Hemant Bangur , MP Vivek Gupta are actively involved with this Abhinandan program,.

Speaking to the media the current president Mr J R Laddha gave a warm welcome to all the delegates and said, “1 would be like to congratulate each Maheshwari family for the success of this event. My three years have been very exciting and given the support from everyone we have been able to achieve many milestones in our community. 1 wish our next president Shyamji Soni and his team a successful term ahead.”

Speaking to the media, Shobha Sadani said, “1 would like to extend a warm welcome to all delegates of Maheshwari Mahasabha, who are coming to attend the election meeting of 27th Term at Kolkata on 16th Dec, 2016.. My vision of a strong leadership driven Mahasabha has become a reality with active support and guidance of all members.”

Arun Laddha stated that it is matter a pride for Kolkata Maheshwaris to host this historic election event in Kolkata after a span of 44 years. Kolkata is a city of many prominent Maheshwari industrialists like the Birlas, Bangurs, Mundras and has one of the largest population of Maheshwaris in India. This presidential election happens every three years and delegates participate from across the country and the world. This is a 108 years old Maheshwari institution representing all Maheshwari’s across the world.


AKHIL BHARTIYA MAHESHWARI MAHASABHA represents 15 lakh strong Maheshwari community members who are spread all over the world. It is the top most umbrella body under which hundreds of regional, city and village level organization run their activities for upliftment of common Maheshwari members, educate the merit based students, and help the needy patients. Pan India, hundreds of dharamshalas, schools, colleges, hospitals etc are built and managed successfully by these not for profit organizations. These organizations aide the welfare of the Nation by dispersing crores of rupees to the needy sections of the society. Mahasabha through its various trusts and organisations, seeks to inculcate community members with the high ideals of worshipping mankind and giving back to the society in all possible ways. It provides a platform to discuss and debate the latest developments in society, and how to empower the women by providing higher education, so that society may witness holistic and balanced growth.