Raazbari is hitting the floor

 Raazbari , a bengali feature film, is a unique romantic thriller which is based on a true story and true events. The story revolves around re-incarnation and a few relationships that gets twisted as time goes by. the film gives us an important message and that is : Wheather God exists or not, we don't know but then there is nature which takes its own course and what goes around, comes back. Raazbari - the film, is the first venture of Red Velvet Entertainment, a production housr that has stepped into Bengal to produce and promote good quality Bengali cinema. The film is being Directed by Sanjay Bardhan, of FAKEBOOK movie fame. The music, an esential part of this film, has been composed by Joy Anjan (Mumbai) and the songs are being sung by Arijit Singh , Palak Muchchal , Asit , Somchanda , Biswajeeta and others. The music is being promote by ROOH MUSIC . The fim stars Mainak Banerjee , Giaa Chatterjee , Ratool Mukherjee and Payer Mukherjee along with Biplab Chatterjee , Rajat Ganguly , Sudip Mukherjee , Namita Chakraborty and others . The film's publicity and promotions are being taken care of by ROOH PUBLIC RELATIONS .

The shooting had commenced and will be executed at Baruipur , Bolpur and others part of Kolkata . The expected release date will be April , During the Bengali New Year .