Life & Living in Kolkata” comes alive at Credai Bengal Realty Expo 2016

Credai Bengal, the state chapter of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers Association of India (CREDAI) and the apex body for private real estate developers in India organised a panel discussion on ‘Life and Living in Kolkata’ as an extension to the ninth edition of the Realty Expo 2016 at Milan Mela. The eminent panellists of the talk show comprised of Fashion Designer Agnimitra Paul; Singer and Composer Anindya Chattopadhyay; PR Professional Rita Bhimani; Cricket Coach and Columnist Sambaran Banerjee; Artist-cum-Fashion Choreographer Pinky Kenworthy and Numerologist-cum-Jewellery Designer Nilanjana Chakraborty.

The deliberations noted during the discussion bought forth the over all changes that took place over the years in Kolkata in the different phases of life such as in social, cultural, and professional. Kolkata being as one of the metropolitan cities which is witnessing growth and development in every second has gone through changes in leaps and bound over the roll of time. It is a new Kolkata which we see today and is way different from the Kolkata which it was before. The Celebrities, representing the common mass, shared their thoughts regarding the Changing trends and expressed their views on what, would be the life and living in Kolkata be like. With time the thought process, the system, the means of communication, the people, the

environment, the standard, the way we live all have changed in leaps and bounds. The way of living is now smarter and advanced then of the generation decade back. Kolkata before was a city which was exclusively known for its intellectuals and now along with it, is the added flavour of advancement in all the sectors that the generation is looking forward it. There are new challenges and promises that we need to deal with in the present scenario but the only solution is to walk hand in hand and stay updated with all the advanced means that eventually makes life easier. Nevertheless, Kolkata still remains to hold the tag of bring the city of culture, heritage, joy, and intellectuals.

Speaking on the occasion Ms. Debjani Roy, Secretary General, Credai Bengal said: ‘Life & Living in Kolkata’ is an extension of how our urban sensibilities have evolved. We all have witnessed the changes which have taken place over time in our city whether it’s the way we live, shop, eat or even commute. Lifestyles of our past generations and ours are vastly diverse. On the occasion of Realty Expo, this talk show endeavors to essay this journey through the stories of some of our eminent citizens."